Two New Skirts (including second Burda Challenge skirt completed)

I am very lucky in that I have loads of spare time, so why is it that I don’t seem to be able to find time to write posts for this blog?  I finished the two skirts in this post on Wednesday and Thursday last week, but am only now getting to posting about them.

Anyway, here’s the first.  It’s yet another Burda 02-2010-104 made from a skirt I sewed in the past.

This is the original skirt,

made from Simplicity 4137 (OOP). When I first started sewing I made loads of these (at least a dozen at last count). Most of them have been worn a lot, but I’m completely over them now and they are being turned into Burda 02-2010-104 because I know I can easily cut the Burda skirt from the Simplicity skirt.  With the previous two I made (here and here) I forgot to take a photo of the “before” skirt, but just before cutting this one out I remembered.

Here’s the new one

(l to r – front, side, back).

The fabric is a cotton batik that has been washed loads of times so it is lovely and soft and pliable

The more interesting (I think) skirt I made on Thursday is Burda 01-2011-113 which is part of my Burda Challenge.


































I am really, really pleased with this.  I will admit that I probably won’t wear it often because it’s a bit of a hobble skirt, but I am really happy with the construction and the fit, although it’s a smidge too big in the waist.  That seems to be happening a lot with skirts I’m making at the moment but as I always put weight on at my waist first, I don’t want to alter patterns too much so that they fit me perfectly right now, but won’t if I gain a few pounds. If I’m going to tuck a top in then I’d more than likely wear a wide-ish belt with it anyway because this skirt doesn’t have a waistband.

If I still worked in an office and had to dress smartly all the time (I used to be a legal secretary) then I would definitely make more of these – as it is I spend most of my time slobbing around the flat, so it just wouldn’t be practical.

If you haven’t sewn many BurdaStyle patterns before, then this is a great one to try as it is the sewing course in the magazine for January 2011 and the instructions are pretty good (for Burda).  It only has five pattern pieces (front, back, front yoke, back yoke and godet) and no fancy construction needed.  The lining uses the same pattern pieces, except for the godet, where a split is just left in the lining for movement.  If it’s made in a tweedy fabric, such as I chose, then it’s very forgiving if you don’t get the v-shapes for the yokes completely perfect (my back one on the skirt, sewn first, is nowhere near as neat as the front one on the lining, sewn last). It’s also available as a paid download from the BurdaStyle website here.

For the lining, I used the gorgeous striped lining I’ve posted about before, but this time in a very dark chocolate brown. I don’t have a photo of the lining in the skirt, but I do have a photo of one of my cats, Honey, helping me lay it out:

(I put the lining on the table, walked from the living room to the kitchen to get a cup of tea that Mr RTS had just made me, walked back and there she was – I am positive that when I left the room she was fast asleep in her bed!)

So that’s 2 of 48 BurdaStyle magazines sewn from – 46 to go.

Stash update – 0 for the turquoise because it was a refashion so never counted as part of my stash to start with and 0.75m used for the tweed.  The skirt actually uses about 1m of fabric, but on measuring the length I had bought, I discovered that it was 2.25m, but only listed as 2m in my fabric notebook.  After cutting the skirt out I definitely have 1.25m left so it’s only reduced my stash by 0.75m.  This reduces my stash to 245.00m.

My plan for today is to cut out the fabric for my last two patterns for the Jauary part of my Burda Challenge and to try to find time to trace both the skirt and top for Vogue 1247.

I don’t usually trace commercial patterns, but Vogue patterns are really expensive here in the UK and although I got this one at a bargain price, for me, from the US, I don’t want to have to replace it at UK prices if I cut out the wrong size. Also, from the ease printed on the pattern and the reviews of this, it apparently runs very big so I am going to trace the smallest size I have (a 12) and hope for the best.  I also need to add quite a lot of length to the skirt to at least make it just above the knee rather than just below the derriere!  The fabric I’m planning to use for the top is this one that I had originally planned for the trousers to match the tunic/dress I’ve already made.

If I like the top, then I need to buy some olive/khaki-ish green fabric for the skirt – probably a cotton twill if I can find it in the right colour.  I will have to muslin it first though.

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6 Responses to Two New Skirts (including second Burda Challenge skirt completed)

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh that fabric will be so fun with that top. I want to make that skirt in a longer length too, so I can’t wait to see this one.

  2. I love this tweed skirt.. It is beautiful and the fit looks great [and oh how,I would love to have that tiny of a wasit.]lol.
    I love your upcoming skirt and blouse too.. Cant wait to see it..
    I so understanding the blogging too. I will get projects and photos together, and it will sit in my sewing room for 2 weeks..why??? Who knows..ha I am really enjoying your blog. And I also want to say thankyou for stopping by my bog. I appreciate it. Happy sewing.

  3. T. Sedai says:

    I love your tweed skirt! The fabric looks really fun in the pictures, and the fit looks great too. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Amanda says:

    The tweed skirt is great! I love the style and fabric choice!

  5. Cathe says:

    I have to agree with everyone, your tweed is lovely and so sophisticated! Your kitty is very cute.

    I love that you are redoing your old skirts to a new style. The batik fabric is great, nice that it can be transformed into something new!

    I’m excited to see your Vogue skirt. It is one of my favorite patterns. I like where it sits on my waist, very easy to wear. I agree it is a bit short for me too, I believe I added 5″ to make it appropriate for me to wear. I think I cut out a size 14. I eliminated the waistband the second time around and used a grosgrain ribbon and that small adjustment made all the difference in the fit.

  6. SewingElle says:

    Those are both great skirts. I really love the tweed one. I must make that pattern up too!

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