Vogue V1247

I should be sewing for my Burda Challenge, but instead I decided to be contrary and sew from one of my new Vogue patterns.  This is my first time sewing a Vogue pattern and I found the sizing very strange.  All the reviews for the V1247 top at patternreview say that it runs large, so I cut a 12 (instead of the 16 I should be based on my measurements and I think it’s about right – the 16 would have been unwearable! (I think this top looks much better in real life than in these photos, especially from the side, but I’m trying to keep a record of everything I sew on this blog, so posted the photos anyway.)

I do realise that it doesn’t really go with the trousers I’m wearing, but I needed a casual pair of trousers to try it with because that’s how I’m most likely to wear it.  It could possibly do with being a little smaller, but I can’t be bothered (I’ll probably type that a lot because I am very lazy at heart :)) to grade the pattern. I also should have taken more care to line up the fabric pattern across the pattern pieces but, if I’m honest, it never even occurred to me to do so. Fortunately, I think the fabric pattern is busy enough that I’ve got away with it. I think it might look nice with skinny jeans and these sandals I’ve posted about before.

I was hoping this might become a TNT top pattern because I’d like to have a couple of non-jersey TNT tops in my pattern stash – but that’s not to be.  I will probably make one more because I have a weird shaped remnant from a previous project and the small pattern pieces for this top might just fit on it.

I also made a wearable(?) muslin of the skirt from the same pattern.

I’m not entirely sure how I managed it, but I completely misread the finished garment measurements on the tissue and traced a 12 when I should have made at least a 14, or possibly even a 16. I managed to rescue the skirt by sewing 0.5cm side seams and eliminating the waistband.  Even after doing that, as you can see, I can only just get my hands in the pockets without pulling it far too tight at the hips.  As it is, I don’t really like the fabric for this (it was bought a few years ago for another project that I’m never going to make) because after pre-washing it looks quite cheap. It doesn’t look too bad in the photo, but in real life it definitely does, and it creases as soon as I look at it.  It’s a good enough skirt to go in my wardrobe – but whether or not it actually gets worn is another matter.  I’ll now have to re-trace the pattern in a larger size and give it another go.  I have this fabric that was planned for a pencil skirt, but I’ve realised that pencil skirts don’t really fit my lifestyle so I’ll use it for my second attempt at the Vogue skirt instead.

This was a difficult fabric to photograph. It’s a black herringbone suiting with gold glittery bits.  I really love it and I think it’ll suit the style of the skirt.  I’m quite excited to make it which is a good thing because I’m definitely not excited about tracing the pattern for a second time!

Stash update – 2.5m for the top (it didn’t use 2.5m but didn’t leave enough of a remnant to count) and 1m for the skirt.  That reduces my stash by 3.5m which is a good thing because of these:

I bought these last week.  They were both described as Ponta (Ponte?) Roma Jersey by the fabric store and are a heavy weight jersey without too much stretch.  The grey/black on the left is destined to be a Burda 11-2008-112 dress (as I posted about here when I made the muslin).

The red/black is hopefully going to be a Vogue V8764.

There was only 1.5m left on the bolt when I bought this which is not quite enough for this dress, but I’m hoping that maybe with a bit of judicious cutting I may be able to squeeze the shorter sleeved version out of the fabric. I need to muslin this dress first, because the smallest size on the pattern I bought is a 16 and I really don’t understand Vogue sizing yet.

As I bought 2m of the black/grey and 1.5m of the red/black these increase my stash by 3.5m so I’m still at 245m.

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4 Responses to Vogue V1247

  1. Cathe says:

    I really like your top, now I seriously need to make it but when it warms up, no point right now! And your skirt turned out nice, the shape is really flattering. Too funny, I have made V8764. I really liked the pattern but not necessarily the fabric I used. I also screwed up on the sleeves and made the dress sleeveless. I’m eager to see yours.

    Regarding “cost”, we are thinking the same, although I just forget what I pay for fabric. I love when people put down, from my stash (so there is no cost)…was it not purchased at some point? Or perhaps when it’s in the stash it is free, in which case my sewing this year will cost me nothing! Umm time for a glass of wine and a rant!

    • Maybe too many glasses of wine have already been had :). You are the reason (yet again) that I bought a pattern. V8764 is also your fault.

      I think there is a point when fabric costs “nothing” because it is a remnant of fabric that was costed into another garment. I’m about to sew a top where I know I costed all the fabric I bought into the skirt I originally sewed, but ended up with a huge remnant (best part of 2m, just in weird shapes) that could be used for something else. I will definitely be calling it a free top.

      I also calculated the cost of all my machines and other sewing necessities a couple of yearsmonths ago and realised that, if I were completely honest, even the simplest t-shirt actually costs me around £50.00 to sew. Then I decided that I really, really like my £50.00 t-shirts 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I am in love with that skirt! It looks fabulous 😀

  3. Sara Noemi says:

    I really like the skirt! At least you can’t tell from the photos that the fabric is cheap. It reminds me of something from Banana Republic =)

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