Fabric Stash

I like keeping notes about my sewing habits. At my local fabric shop one of the staff finds it very funny that I always go in with a mini clipboard listing everything I want to buy each time.  I just can’t help writing things down, but I have found it very useful to look back on.

Back in May last year I started keeping a rough list in the back of a notebook of my fabric stash.  I had always listed what I bought, at what cost, every time I went fabric shopping, but I didn’t have an overview until I started a separate list in May. At that time – 15 May 2011 – I had approximately 277 metres of fabric (excluding linings, muslin fabric such as old sheets, etc).  Between May and September I managed to reduce that to 250.25 metres.  These figures include 65 metres coming in, and 11 metres moving from sewing fabric to muslin fabric.  This means that I sewed approximately 80.75 metres which I’m quite pleased about.

These figures are all very rough. For example if I start with 2M and end up with 0.25 after cutting out, I still count that as 2M sewn because I don’t want to end up with notebook that says I have 100M of stash consisting of 0.25M lengths – that would just be silly!

So, in summary, I am starting 2012 with 250.25M in my fabric stash and I am aiming to, if not reduce it, then at least not increase it.  I will try to remember to do a stash update post at the beginning of each month to keep me on track.


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1 Response to Fabric Stash

  1. SewingElle says:

    Yay, another sewist who keeps track of her stash! I’m not the only one!

    I’ve started 2012 with 227 metres. I don’t count any leftovers less than 1 m in my stash, for the same reasons you give.

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