When a TNT is Neither Tried nor True

After my last post I realised that I have sewn two version of the Simplicity 3696 PJ top in a size Large and neither of them fits me properly.  This pattern is a TNT when it becomes a knee-length, short-sleeved nightie, but is obviously far too big when sewn as a short, long-sleeved top – the proportions just end up all wrong.  I’ve now bought more of both fabrics and will be sewing them again in a smaller size.  Live and learn.  (I suppose I could have tried to make the two tops smaller, but I refuse to even attempt the unpicking of stretch-stitched and serged seams – I’d rather just start over.)

I didn’t manage to complete my mini challenge of sewing nine (already cut out) garments in eleven days.  Mr RTS had some unexpected time off work last week and we had things to do, so my sewing time was drastically cut.  I did, however, get four of the nine garments sewn before the end of February.

I’m sure that you are bored reading about my sewing the same garments over and over, and I’m getting bored posting about them.  However, this blog was always intended to be a record of my sewing so here are more boring garments.

Simplicity 3696 PJs.  I had cut the top out in a size Large, but I sewed 2cm seams on the raglan sleeves and 2.5, tapering in to 3.0cm, on the side seams which makes it a not too bad fit.

The fabric for the pants was one of the worst I have ever sewn.  I think it was described as a cheesecloth, and was the most unstable cottons (mix?) I have ever had the displeasure to sew.  I am amazed that I got any of the plaid to match up.  They are lovely and lightweight though, so I’m looking forward to wearing them when it gets warmer – although I’m not at all sure how they will survive being washed. I’m half expecting to just find shredded pieces of fabric in the machine after washing.  Once I have re-sewn the previously mentioned two tops in a smaller size I am done sewing PJs for a very long time.  I do need a couple of new nighties, but no more PJs. (Unless, of course, I find another great fabric :)).

The other two garments were yet another skirt and top that can also be a faux dress.  The top is Burda 05-2012-110 and the skirt comes from 04-2007-108 (but somewhat altered).

This is another repeat sewing project that I am done with. I’ve made three of these faux dresses so far and haven’t yet worn any of them. I’m just waiting for better weather.

I will get the other five cut out garments sewn soon.

I’ve also managed to increase my stash, yet again! Two of the fabrics are duplicates of those I used for my too large PJ tops and one is a duplicate of the navy lycra jersey I used for the PJ top posted about about above in case it didn’t come out okay.  My Honey Bear approves of them all:

The navy/white polka dot was bought as a potential Tiramisu, but I think it is maybe too heavy. It felt like the perfect fabric in the shop, but when I pick up the whole 3m length it weighs a lot. I still think it would be great for the dress, but maybe needs some sort of waist stay so that the whole dress isn’t hanging from the shoulder seams. I don’t think I’ve seen a waist stay in a jersey dress so I need to do some research.

The navy with the roses print was bought to be a top. It is a knit of some description and feels absolutely soft and gorgeous.

I think it would look lovely as a Renfrew but I don’t yet own the Renfrew pattern and at around £17.00 (with postage) I’m not sure I can justify buying it. Over the past few days I’ve been going through all my Burda mags to see if I can find just the right pattern for this fabric.  I’ve also just realised that I don’t have a clue what I’d wear it with, other than jeans.

The next three fabrics in the pile are the duplicate jerseys. The purple, and the red print are to re-sew the too large PJ tops.  The navy was to replace the one used for the top posted about above but, as that top turned out okay, it’ll just go into my stash.

This one is a slightly horrible, poly jersey. I don’t love the feel of it, but I loved the print and colours so had to buy 2m.

I have this Suzi Chin pattern and I might use this fabric as a (hopefully) wearable muslin.

At the bottom of the pile is this jersey. It was described as t-shirting on the shop’s label, but feels a lot nicer, and has better recovery than most of the t-shirting they sell.  It was also a little more expensive.

I had my two Suzi Chin patterns in mind when I bought it, and when I got home and looked at the pattern envelopes I realised why.

I am always surprised at how much I can be influenced by the fabric used on the front of a pattern envelope.  Sometimes it is obvious, such as my red/white striped Tiramisu for which I knew I was buying the same fabric as on the envelope – but this one was a complete surprise.

Buying these new fabrics has taken my stash over the 400m mark (it took it to 407.40 but I then sewed the four gaments in this post which brought it down to 401.40).  I do, however, have around 9m cut out for the five unsewn garments and I don’t believe that cut out fabric counts as stash.  Mr RTS and I have had some discussions about this and he now agrees.   I will, however, count my stash as 401.40m until I’ve sewn the cut out garments – mainly because I want to be able to reduce my stash count the next time I post 🙂

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6 Responses to When a TNT is Neither Tried nor True

  1. T. Sedai says:

    I love the fabrics you got for your Suzi Chin patterns! I hope they turn out because the fabric looks so pretty… And, I have to agree that it is funny how seeing a pattern made up can influence what fabric we buy to make it. In fact, I might be re-creating some of the March BurdaStyle looks in fabrics of eerily similar colors and textures as those used in the magazine. Oh well. I suppose we should just accept inspiration as it hits and do what the fabric tells us to do.

  2. SewingElle says:

    Great fabric weight

  3. Gjeometry says:

    Oooh, I like your skirt and top that can be disguised as a dress! Stylish and practical. And, Kitty is in love with Honey Bear. He also does this to all my fabric. Usually right after I have washed and ironed it.

  4. eumoronorio says:

    Wow I love the fabrics and the Suzy Chin patterns. I can’t wait to see your wearable muslins! You and Honey Bear have selected some beautiful prints! sewingforme.wordpress.com

  5. judy says:

    Love your new fabrics.. [Isn’t it fun buying them? ha] Can’t wait to see your next garments.
    I enjoy each post.. Happy sewing.

  6. piakdy says:

    Ha! I have the same Suzi Chin patterns too! The blue print fabric is my favorite, though I have to say I’m scared of prints in general. And when I do get a print, I’m always a bit too precious about hiding the lovely pattern in lots of drapes. Just seem such a shame. And also a shame too to hide lovely design details in busy prints. Though I’m sure in my magazine clipping stash there will probably be examples that I love which totally contradicts the two generalizations I just made!

    BTW my stash count in February this year was 753 yards or 688.5m. And I’ve planned a fabric shopping trip to NYC in a month time too! So you’re certainly not the only one with a stash problem! 😉

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