Improved Tunic (Burda 01-2010-128/129)

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my “meh!” tunic.  I think if I wasn’t writing this blog I might have just considered it a wadder, or just put it in the wardrobe, never wear it and then give it to a charity shop in a year or so.Instead, I left it on Dolly for a couple of days and then finally gave in on Wednesday and did something about it.  I don’t have UFOs because they would bug me too much – I either finish a garment and put it in the wardrobe; throw it away because it’s an obvious wadder; or put it back into the fabric pile because it’s a wadder but has enough fabric to make something different.  Because of this I usually can’t move onto a new garment until I’ve finished the previous one (or wadded it).  Before starting this blog, and setting myself my Burda challenge, this meant that occasionally one garment could stymie my sewing for a couple of weeks because I just couldn’t move on until I had dealt with that one, annoying, garment.

I made a very simple change. I sewed the front centre seam closed, tried it on and worked out roughly where I wanted the scoop of the neck to end. I then used my french curves (bought them forever ago for next to nothing and use them surprisingly often) to mark a scoop on either side of the centre front seam, drew it in with chalk, cut it off with my rotary cutter and trimmed off the now errant bits of facing.   I cut some bias strips from my remaining scraps of fabric.  Fortunately I had enough left that it only took two joined pieces to make a bias strip long enough for the scooped neckline, and sewed the bias strip on, stretching it slightly as I sewed because I thought the scoop was still going to be slightly too wide on me.  I then had to do a teeny bit of hand sewing, which is something I usually avoid like the plague, to attach the bias strip at the shoulder seams.  This is the final result:

Close-up of the new neckline:

I am so much happier with it like this.  It is still a little wide at the shoulders, but I have recently starting wearing underwear that looks more like a vest top at the shoulders rather than a bra so this won’t be a problem.

I still haven’t decided if I like the length – it currently hits me just above the knee and in the summer I am so white that I’m not always comfortable about showing too much leg (especially knees :)), but just before I altered this tunic I did remember a pair of sandals that I bought last year, long after summer had ended (which I why I had completely forgotten about them – I bought them and put them straight in the attic for next year).

They are a little bit more grey-ey green than the tunic/dress, but still might match enough to wear with it.  They were a mega-bargain at £5.00!  Over the past couple of years I have been purging my shoe collection of over-high heels because I am just not as comfortable wearing them as I used to be.  I’m now trying to replace the over-high heels with heels that feel comfy and these fit the bill perfectly (I also bought them in a tan colour as well).  If I don’t wear this as a dress this summer, then I will cut it down to, probably, a mid-thigh tunic length for next summer.

Thanks to you, though, it isn’t the wadder I thought it would be.  I wonder, is there something you would have wadded, or given up on if you hadn’t been blogging about it?

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3 Responses to Improved Tunic (Burda 01-2010-128/129)

  1. Cathe says:

    I love your resolved neckline, it’s a really pretty solution. I had to laugh about your white legs, I’m the same way, mine glow almost blue after winter, it’s pretty awful! I hope you wear your dress with your knockout sandals! After summer sales are the best!

    Everything came together perfectly! Determination, I love it!

  2. Amanda says:

    Love it! That neckline is super sweet 😀

  3. Chris says:

    Love the neckline…!
    I think I will try to copy it to modify a boatneck on a top I’m working on. I’ve never used my French Curve tool yet, so wish me luck.

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