Meh! (and a little bit about Margot)

My post title shows my opinion of the two items I’m going to post about here.  Don’t love ’em, don’t hate ’em – just Meh!

First up is the first item sewn for the January part of my Burda challenge – 01-2010-128/129. Here are a few photos.

Front – unbelted

Front – belted

I haven’t yet decided what to do at the neckline.  It is too high on me so I may have to do some cutting and playing to make this feel comfortable.


The neckline at the back of this dress was huge. I nearly called it a wadder at that stage (before I’d cut out or set in the sleeves), but Mr RTS remembered that I’d had a similar problem with a dress last summer and I’d solved it by putting darts in at the neckline (nice to know he pays attention sometimes:)).  So I put in a couple of short darts between the shoulders and the zip and this cured the problem somewhat.

Please ignore the mess I made of the top of the zip.  By this stage it was already a “meh!” item and I just couldn’t be bothered to unpick and redo the top-stitching.

I didn’t have enough of the main fabric for the sleeves, but the set of fabrics I had bought included one that is intended to be made into a Dupatta.  This fabric is a sheerer version of the fabric I was going to use for the matching trousers so I used it for the sleeves of the tunic.

The sleeves look much nicer when the tunic is being worn because they go “pouffy” at the wrists.  I am having a “bad me” day so I didn’t want to take any photos wearing it so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

I think this needs quite a bit of tweeking before I’d be happy to wear it.  As I said, I will have to do something with the neckline because it’s too wide. It can’t be worn open because it isn’t designed to be worn that way and just looks sloppy:

I have a little bit of fabric left over so I might sew the open neck closed, curve it off, and then bind it.  As it was I had to sew the centre front seam 14cm higher than the pattern markings!

I should have used the “Mena Test” and not bothered to put in a zip because I can easily get this on without using it.  I suppose I should remove it and sew up the centre back seam, but again – meh! – can’t be bothered.   I also think it needs to be a little shorter, or maybe even a lot shorter so that it is more of a tunic than a dress, but I’ll play around with the neckline first because until I’ve sorted that out I won’t be wearing it.

I’m not as completely disappointed as I may appear from what I’ve written above.  I’ve been sewing a lot of TNTs recently and had got a bit bored with sewing.  Making this dress/tunic has given me a bit of my mojo back – so it wasn’t a waste of time.   I won’t, however, be making the trousers as planned because 1) there’s a good possibility I won’t wear the tunic, and 2) they’d be too matchy-matchy with the sleeves and I’d probably feel like I was wearing a costume.

My review of it on Pattern Review is here.

The second thing I finished yesterday was a bag that I cut out last summer – Simplicity 2685.  I bought the fabric for this absolutely ages ago and between buying, cutting out and finally sewing I’d stopped liking it.  It feels a bit too “Becky-home-ecky” to me now – I probably bought it when I was fairly new to sewing and was buying too many “ooohhh – pretty” fabrics, rather than “will I actually wear/use that” fabrics.  The only reason I finally got around to sewing it is because it was already cut out and I wanted something to sew using Margot to see how she would handle.  I’m pleased to report that she’s absolutely fabulous.  I sewed the whole bag on her, other than finishing a couple of the seams on my serger.  I had a little bit of trouble with curved stitching at the ends of the handles but that is down to operator error and not the machine.  I did find it strange only having one hand available to guide the fabric, remove pins, etc, but I know I’ll get used to it.

(Mum, if you’re reading- be warned – the next photos contain pink :).)

So, here is the bag.

Here’s one a bit closer that shows some of the top-stitching on the handles.

And, finally, an uber-closeup showing the top-stitching.

Margot was brilliant to sew with.  At one point during the construction of this bag there are four layers of fabric, including two with heavy-weight interfacing, and sewing felt the same as when I was just sewing two layers of thin cotton.  I think I’m going to sew more with Margot than I originally thought because it was just such a pleasure to sew with her.  The only thing I won’t be able to do is anything using a fine fabric because I don’t seem to be able to buy needles any finer than a 12/80.

So, after all that, I have at least sewn one of my 48 Burda projects – just 47 to go!

Stash update – 2.5m for the tunic and 2m for the bag.  The bag doesn’t use anywhere near 2m but I bought 1m each of the two contrasting fabrics and cutting out the bag doesn’t leave anything but large scraps.  So that’s reduced my stash to 245.75m.

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6 Responses to Meh! (and a little bit about Margot)

  1. T. Sedai says:

    I totally know what you mean about “meh” projects. I just finished a jacket that took so long to sew (forgot to cut out a piece, then had to wait for machine repair parts) that by the time I was finishing I was sort of over it, since it had been intended as a quick and easy project. The top-stitching on your bag looks fabulous though, wish my machine made pretty stitches like that!

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I love the fabric combination on the dress- it’s anythign but ‘meh’. As Tim Gunn would say, ‘Use the ________accessory wall judiciously’ and you’ll have a winner.

    • I will confess that the words “glittery”, “gold” and “belt” keep popping into my subconscious. I’ll see what I can do with the neckline sometime soon. I think it’s a “meh” because it feels homemade, if that makes sense.

  3. Amanda says:

    The bag is too cute for words! I love the fabric on the sleeves for the tunic. Very pretty.
    And a win for MArgot. Well played, sewing machine, well played!

  4. Cathe says:

    I think you can work out your dress/tunic to work for you. You certainly have the skills and eye to refine it. It’s really nice but needs your personal insight to make it yours.

    Your bag is cute, funny I have had the same thought about some of my fabric purchases from another time, I guess we have evolved.

  5. judy says:

    I really like your dress/ tunic, I really think that once you add your are going to feel different about it..As Cathe said, just adding your personal touch.
    Love the bag..super cute.

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