Burda 2012 Challenge – January Plans

I’ve been meaning to write this for over a week now, and I think I’m putting it off because I’m putting the sewing off as well.  So here goes.

If you haven’t read my earlier posts, I’ve detailed my challenge here.

For January I own the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 issues of the Burda magazine from which I have so far sewn nothing.  This means I have to sew one garment from each of them sometime in 2012, preferably in January.

For 2009 I am intending to make the skirt 01-2009-113 (I also really like the shirt, but for this month I only intend making the skirt):







I don’t have a photo of the fabric, but it is a dark blue stretch denim that I bought a few years ago for a different project that I know I’m never going to make.  I still need to buy buttons. I’m not totally sure about the high waist on me because I’m slightly short waisted, but I’ve liked this skirt since I first got the magazine so it’s worth a go.

For the 2010 issue my plan is to make either 01-2010-128 or 129 from the Take 1, make 4 section (the french Burda archive site had no line drawings for these so I just have the photos):

The fabric I have for this is part of a “suit” set I bought from a local Asian fabric shop a few years ago.  The “suit” set consists of three fabric to make outfits such as a salwar kameez.

The fabric from the three I have chosen for the tunic has sequins and embroidery on one half and the other is plain:

(I’ve now realised that I need to start putting a tape measure or ruler in fabric photos to show the scale of prints – I’ll do that next time.)

I may have to make the tunic a little shorter, or maybe short-sleeved, depending on how the pieces fit on the slightly limited fabric piece.

If I like the tunic then I will have one extra project to add for the month that doesn’t come from a January issue.  The second fabric in this set is this one:

I will use this to make a fairly simple pair of trousers to go with the tunic, from the August 2007 issue – 08-2007-110:

I haven’t made any Burda trousers before, and these look like a nice simple first attempt. The pockets are inserted in exactly the same way as for the 02-2010-104 skirt that I’ve made before, and I know how to put on a waistband with a side zip so these shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me.  On a happy side note, I haven’t yet made anything from the August 2007 issue, so these trousers would be a completed part of my challenge if I do make them.  If I don’t like the tunic, then I probably won’t make the trousers, so I’ll still have to pick something from this issue come August.

Bored yet? If not, then I’ll continue.

From the 2011 issue I’ve picked another skirt (01-2011-113).  I have a fabric that is very similar to that in the photo which unfortunately hasn’t scanned well over at the Burda archive:






The fabric I have for this is a lovely brown and orange suiting.  I don’t know the fabric content because I always forget to pay attention to that bit when I’m buying. I’m going to guess that it does have a bit of wool in it because it’s a little bit scratchy on my skin which is what wool usually feels like to me.

I couldn’t get a great picture of this. It’s quite a bit darker in real life.  I have a boring brown lining fabric to go with this, but I have recently bought some more of the stripy lining posted about here but in a very dark chocolate brown instead of black, so I may use that instead (if I remember).

Last is 2012. I was really disappointed with this issue as absolutely nothing jumped out at me except the tunic on the front cover, but that’s in a plus size (at least two sizes bigger than I usually make and grading is something I haven’t attempted yet, and don’t want to right now).  I may end up not sewing anything at all from this issue, but in the spirit of the challenge I have picked out 01-2012-122 which is a fairly simple pair of ankle-length trousers.  I don’t like ankle-length trousers (I’m too short for them), but it would be easy enough to add a little bit of length if Burda ankle-length isn’t normal length on me. One thing in their favour is that they have a fly front which is something I put in my re-sew-lution post.







I might not have considered them except I found a coffee coloured polycotton sheet in a bag of stuff that my mum gave me recently. Next is officially the most boring fabric photo ever):

It has a lovely crisp feel, will be easy to mark, and probably easy to unpick if I make a complete mess of the pattern. If the trousers turn out nice, then I would definitely wear them in this fabric, and if they don’t work then this will be a great fabric to play around with, write on, etc as a muslin.

I have so far traced two of the patterns (the first skirt and the tunic) so just three patterns to trace and five things to sew!

If you are considering doing your own 2012 challenge of any description, then what are you doing reading this – go and get on with it!!

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9 Responses to Burda 2012 Challenge – January Plans

  1. I love your green fabrics, for the tunic and pants! The tweed suiting is really nice too.
    Can’t wait to see how these turn out…you’ve got such great possibilities, here.

    • “Tweed” – that’s the word that would not come to me when I was typing the post!

      I really love the green fabrics as well. I’ve had them for far too long, but the tunic project would never come to the top of my sewing pile. That’s one of the reasons I set myself this challenge, so that projects I keep putting off will actually get made.

  2. judy says:

    Oh what lovely fabrics and patterns.. I cant wait to see them and will look forward to following your blog. Happy sewing 2012.

  3. Cathe says:

    I’m a big fan of green and love your fabric choices. I’m excited to see these garments come together. I like that you are very organized in your planning. I tend to “try” and keep a lot in my head (which clearly doesn’t work).

  4. prttynpnk says:

    I love all your plans, can’t wait to see these. They all look so wearable.

  5. SewingElle says:

    These are great patterns and fabrics.

  6. Amanda says:

    The green fabrics look super amazing! Also, your organisational skills are inspiring. I make things on the fly. Perhaps it’s time for a new approach?

  7. Sewmodest says:

    I’m looking forward to see how the tunic turns out. I traced and cut this one a while ago but never sewed it up and after seeing the reviews I was no longer interested. Hope yours is much better. I have both mags with the skirts in it…..hummm I wonder if I can morph my TnT skirt pattern into those? I’m watching with eager eyes

    • I’ll admit that the reviews put me off it a bit as well. However, there is absolutely nothing else in that issue of the magazine that really called my name. I’ve also had the fabric for far too long mainly because of the limitations caused by half of it having sequins and the other half not. This is one of the few patterns I’ve found that I think will work with it. I’m also not sure that I will have enough fabric for the sleeves, but the third fabric in the “suit” is the same as the printed fabric I’ve planned to use for the trousers, but a lot sheerer. I may be able to use that for the sleeves if I need to.

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