Purple Plaid Skirt – Vogue V1247

After cutting out my purple plaid PJ pants (an even better alliteration) I had enough remnants to also cut out another Vogue 1247 skirt.  With a bit of shuffling I could possibly have just cut out a simple two or three piece A-line skirt, but I decided to use the V1247 pattern because I really want to get more confident about pattern matching and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.  The fabric was fairly stable, the pattern in the fabric was obvious and I had enough odd shaped pieces left after cutting out the PJ pants to juggle the pattern pieces around.

I’m pretty happy with the result – although, in keeping with my February trend of clothes not fitting me, the skirt is a smidge too small (although still wearable). However, as my weight tends to fluctuate and I seem to be at the top end of that fluctuation at the moment, I’m confident that this skirt will get worn at some point.

(Please ignore the unfastened hook and eye in the photo of the back – I am squishier than Dolly, and it does fasten on me.)

I am really happy with my plaid matching at all the front and back seams (this skirt has a yoke piece, strange front pockets, and a waistband) and not so happy with the side yoke seams.  I managed to match up both the main side and back seams, but not the side seams of the yoke.  I can’t remember why I didn’t do this – it may have been due to lack of fabric or, more likely, I got overwhelmed by trying to match up everything so gave up when I was cutting out :).  Although, looking at the photo of the side seam, I do appear to have done quite well with the vertical matching of the red stripe – maybe I did that on purpose?!? I do remember that I was using the red stripes as my markers for pretty much every cut I made.  But, if I’m really honest, I have to admit that I paid absolutely no attention to the vertical stripes so the fact they ended up being quite symmetrical is really just a happy accident.

This skirt could have looked really nice with the purple top from yesterday’s post, but that top is now in my “maybe I can make something else from this wadder” pile.  I washed it with the hope it would shrink – and it did – in the wrong direction! It is now both too wide and too short!  Fortunately, there are so many colours in the skirt that I have lots of other tops that will work with it.  I also know that Mr RTS has a great purple and black t-shirt that I’m fairly sure is too small for him now, so I can steal that as a PJ top, so yesterday’s PJ pants won’t end up orphaned, and I won’t need to buy more fabric.

I’m now almost too scared to sew anything else I’ve already cut out this month because it seems as though nothing will fit me properly.  Then again, I still have too many clothes (as I posted about last year) so it doesn’t really matter.

I think I’ll set myself a teeny challenge.  It’s eleven days to the end of the month and I already have nine garments cut out.  All except one are patterns I’ve sewn before (and four of them are S3696) so it should be easy to get them all sewn before the end of February.  They are:

Tiramisu dress:

Simplicity 3696 PJ top:

Simplicity 3696 PJ pants:

Faux dress (skirt and top):

Simplicity 3696 PJ pants (yet again!):

Another Simplicity 3696 PJ top:

Butterick 5388 (the only garment I haven’t tried before) cowl neck top:

And another Burda 02-2010-104, cut from a previously made skirt:

Eleven days, nine garments – I’m sure you’ll all be glued to your screens wondering if I’ll make it – it’s obviously as exciting as The Amazing Race, or Project Runway :).



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4 Responses to Purple Plaid Skirt – Vogue V1247

  1. Sewingelle says:

    11 days. 9 garments. I’m impressed. And yes, I will be glued to my screen looking for your next instalment. Good luck!

  2. mrsmole says:

    You are really kicking ass now with so many things already cut out!!! Woo Who…you go girl and dazzle us!

  3. amaryllislog says:

    Love your plaid skirt and of course the pattern of choice! Good job matching everything. Now on to your challenge, I hope you are finding time to sleep seems like a very daunting task in a very short amount of time.

  4. nazarioartpainting says:

    I really enjoyed read your blog. I am starting talking sewing class and I love it!. Thank you for show your sewing project. Every pieces are beautiful.

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