Purple Plaid Pyjamas ….

….. sorry – couldn’t resist the alliteration.

Before I post about my newest sewing project, I have decided that I really should have made a New Year Resolution – I must learn (and bother) to take better photos. I know that I have never taken great photos for this blog – this is mainly due to a real lack of usable places in my tiny flat. I’ve recently re-arranged the furniture and this has just made it worse. I am going to try to do better.  I can, to some degree, blame my camera – I got it free with a £60 printer about three years ago so it’s not exactly cutting edge!  However, I have, on occasion, managed to get some okay photos with it – so I’m going to aim for more of the okay photos, rather than the rubbish ones I tend to post.

On to the sewing.  Before sewing my purple plaid pyjamas today, I finally got around to turning my unsuccessful Tiramisu dress into a skirt.  I didn’t do anything particularly fancy or clever – I simply cut off the bodice, created a casing, and added elastic.  I think I now have something I will wear because it no longer feels as though the fabric is trying to drag itself down into the ground.

It is still a little too thin, but I have white half-slips that I think will make it presentable.  I also have these boots that I don’t wear nearly often enough, even though they are as comfy as slippers (they are red, although they might look orange in the photo – I blame my camera :))

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but my comfy plan also extends to my footwear. I have been gradually selling off a lot of my uncomfortable high heels on ebay (most of them unworn or only worn once) and replacing them with comfy footwear.  Since starting this I’ve also stopped looking at high heels on the rare occasion I now go into shoe shops, and I’ve really starting noticing how many fabulous low-heeled shoes/boots now exist.  I used to be that person who would buy any pretty shoe, especially in a sale, no matter how uncomfortable it was – now I rarely buy any shoes unless they are really, really comfy.  No more “I’ll get used to the height” (even though I haven’t really worn anything higher than 2.5″ for more than ten years), or “they’ll stretch” (even when they aren’t leather), or “they’re only £10, so I only have to wear them a couple of times” (and then never wear them at all because they were so uncomfortable to start with), etc, etc.  I think Mr RTS is still surprised when I don’t look at shoes when we are out shopping :).

After all those asides, I suppose I should post about the title garments.  My purple, plaid pyjamas made using, yet again, Simplicity 3696.

I absolutely love the pants – they are a perfect fit, and I am very happy with my plaid matching.  The top is more of a “meh”.  I used a TNT pattern, but for some unfathomable reason it is too big – almost unwearably too big. I stuck it in a 50 degree wash tonight in the hope that the cotton/lycra mix might shrink.  If it were just too big across the body, then I would have taken in the side seams, but it is too low at the front, and falling off my shoulders. As it is a raglan sleeve, there isn’t any way (that I know of) to make it smaller, without also making it shorter, and I like the length.  I may simply have to buy more fabric and make a smaller size.  I’m also slightly concerned because I’ve got two more PJ tops cut out using the same pattern, although with different fabrics.

I think February is destined to be my “make/buy clothes that don’t fit month”.  I very rarely buy any clothes, but a couple of weeks ago I was in Primark with Mr RTS buying him some new, cheap t-shirts for work. I had previously bought a couple of pairs of £3 leggings from Primark and although they don’t wear very well I don’t wear leggings enough to make my own, so I wanted to pick up another couple of pairs – I managed to come home with one pair size 8-10 and another size 18.  I am trying to see this as a good thing though – I so rarely buy clothes now that I had completely forgotten that the size on the hanger is often not the size on the clothes! Also, because they are leggings and leggings are not pants this isn’t too big a deal because I only wear them with tunic, or longer, length tops.

I also picked up these boots, for £6, that are completely comfy:

I have about a bazillion other garments (well, nine) cut out, so I hope to update again soon.


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6 Responses to Purple Plaid Pyjamas ….

  1. Judy says:

    Love your purple pj’s.. Sorry the top was too big.. Looks great with them.
    I too, do not buy shoes unless they are comfortable. I am a retired Respiratory Therepist
    and after 25 yrs of walking those concrete hospital floors.. My feet are showing the abuse..
    so good wearing shoes are a must…
    The skirt looks great..Bet it will be really pretty with the boots..

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Love your stripes and plaids! I’m still a bit nervous to sew with directional patterns, so havn’t tried yet, but am eyeing some stripes for a stretch knit top!

    • You have to just go for it – and then stand there looking at your fabric, then at your pattern pieces, then at your fabric …. just for a little while – then it all falls into place 🙂

      • Gjeometry says:

        Ok, am currently at work on a striped knit top. The stripes aren’t lining up that well, but I think it’s due to how I cut it out. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. amaryllislog says:

    Ooh shoes, they break my heart. I just can’t wear heels any more, but I agree there is a lot of really beautiful shoes at lower heights!

    Yay for turning a dress into a skirt, I love your new skirt and boots, perfection!

    Pj’s are cute, sorry they aren’t the perfect fit but they look so stylish!

  4. T. Sedai says:

    Love your PJ pants – the color combo is one of my favorites!

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