Too many clothes – and I like them all!

I haven’t sewn for about a week, and the main reason is, I think, that I had absolutely nowhere to put new clothing. I have one double wardrobe for the majority of my clothing, plus a few drawers which are taken up mainly with underwear, nightwear, accessories and shoes.  (Out of season stuff is stored in the attic.) The wardrobe was so stuffed that I was wearing the same things over and over again because I couldn’t really see what was in there, so it was easiest just to wear the outfits I already knew worked.  My wardrobe has sliding doors so I can’t even open the doors and see everything in there – I have to look at it in halves – and some of the stuff in the middle is pretty much hidden regardless of which door I slide open.

I took a photo of one half of my wardrobe back in December because I was surprised at how much red was in there – if you asked me about my favourite colours, red would never appear, but somehow I have ended up with a lot of it in my autumn/winter wardrobe.

This evening I had a sort out.  I still don’t have a lot of spare space in the wardrobe, but at least I won’t be wearing the same thing over and over again.  I now have it sorted into outfits (mainly skirt + top; plus one or two trousers+top, and a couple of dresses).

I have put some things away because they are really spring/summer, and a few things are going to the charity shop, but I still have too many clothes.

I’ve done some counting – I can wear a different outfit every single day for 28 days without duplicating a single garment!  That is where the title of this post came from.  I am only guessing, but I think I could possibly go for three months or so, with the garments that are currently in my wardrobe, without duplicating an outfit. That’s Too Many Clothes!!

A bit more counting (because I can’t help myself):

1.  28 outfits without duplicating a garment.

2.  9 outfits contain one me-made and one bought garment

3. 13 outfits have both (or a single dress) as a me-made garment.

4.  6 have no me-made garments.

5.  None of the outfits have duplicate garments so I have no idea how long I could go without duplicating an outfit – probably two months, maybe three.

This is both bringing my sewing to a grinding halt (because I have more clothes than I could possibly need) and giving me a huge boost in my sewing confidence because I have so many outfits that include a me-made garment that I love.

I guess that if I didn’t already have a huge (200m+) stash of fabric then I might just quit sewing for a while because I really don’t need any new clothes.  But, as I have the stash, perhaps I should carry on.  I do think that my Burda challenge is going to change because I don’t see the point in sewing garments that I’m probably not going to wear, or that don’t fit into my, already overflowing, wardrobe.

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2 Responses to Too many clothes – and I like them all!

  1. T. Sedai says:

    Wow… Looks like you have done a big job organizing all of your clothes. If you feel like you already have enough clothes that fit, it totally makes sense to alter your sewing challenge so you aren’t making things you won’t be wearing. Maybe instead of making something from every issue each month, you look at all the issues from that month and pick your favorite pattern and make that? Or pick a stash fabric you really want to use and find a Burda pattern to use it with? I hope you don’t stop sewing as I have enjoyed seeing what you make, but on the other hand I understand not wanting to make things you don’t need.

    • I won’t quit completely because I know I don’t have as many spring/summer me-made clothes (or even just as many clothes) that I really like. I think I’ll just slow down a bit – and maybe spend a bit more time learning new techniques. I also have some longer term projects like jackets and coats, and some retro 50s patterns, that will all need muslins and for which I’d like to pay more attention to seam finishing, etc.

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