Happy New Year!!!!

It’s a few hours early, but I might forget to post this later after a couple of glasses of red wine.

I had meant to post today with January plans for my Burda Challenge but I haven’t got around to writing it yet.

I just found some photos on my camera that I took not long after posting about the challenge. I decided to have a sort through my fabrics a day or so later to see if I could find fabrics for January, and ended up going through all the magazines and my entire fabric stash, and I took a few photos of the ensuing chaos:

It’s going to be an interesting year!

Happy New Year, and I hope you all have a wonderful 2012.

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2 Responses to Happy New Year!!!!

  1. SewingElle says:

    Ooh you have some lovely fabrics. Looking forward to seeing them made up!
    Happy New Year.

  2. T. Sedai says:

    Ah, this looks oddly familiar. Although your chaos looks a lot more controlled than mine. In any case, can’t wait to see what comes of your challenge – looks like it will be a lot of fun to me!

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