New Year Re-sew-lutions

I know that new year resolutions are a complete waste of time for me, but I thought I’d make some anyway because it’s fun, and there is a good chance that some of these are actually doable:

  1. Do my best to at least attempt my Burda Challenge.  From the 48 magazines I will own by the end of 2012 I already have fabrics matched up with 32 of them.  This could also be classed as a stash-busting challenge if I really work at it.  I also have plenty more fabrics in my stash so I’m hoping that as each month’s magazine arrives I have a good chance of already owning the right fabric for at least one project.
  2. Post a review of each project of my Burda Challenge on Pattern Review.  I love that site and every time I look for a review of a BurdaStyle/BWOF/Burda Mag (whatever you want to call it) pattern, I always wish that more people would post their reviews.  I will try to be one of those “more people”.
  3. Comment more on blogs I read. I cannot count how many times I’ve thought something is cute/nice/well made/etc and haven’t commented because I think my comment will be lame or unnecessary. Since starting this blog a mere few weeks ago I now understand how important (well they are to me) comments can be.  NB – this doesn’t mean that the few people I know are reading this blog on a semi-regular basis *have* to comment on every post – just that comments are appreciated.
  4. Sew a few more of the non-BurdaStyle patterns in my stash.  I have been undertaking a small project over the past couple of days where I have added a page to my blog that shows every pattern I own (plus a few that are on order).  This worried me slightly when I started it as I thought I had a ridiculous number of patterns; but it turns out that I have (excluding craft/bags/hats) 93 patterns and from those I have sewn at least 48 garments. I say “at least” because I know that I have sewn a few of the patterns more than once.  I do have 22 new patterns on order but no longer feel guilty about that because there is a very good chance I will sew from at least half of them.  I still need to sew from more of them because the patterns are just soooo pretty.
  5. Learn to do a proper FBA.
  6. Make a pair of trousers.  This will probably fall within re-sew-lution No. 1 because I have already picked trousers as a couple of my projects for the Burda challenge.
  7. Learn how to do a proper lapped zipper.  I tend to ignore the instructions when they call for a lapped zipper and just use an invisible or sew it centred.
  8. Learn how to do a fly-front zipper. Again this will probably fall within the challenge.
  9. Find out or work out how the lining was inserted in a Next skirt I bought from a charity shop a few months ago.  It is the neatest insertion of a lining around a zip that I have ever seen.  The skirt needs taking in for me to wear it so maybe I’ll have to do a deconstruct (with photos) to work out how it was constructed.  (If anyone is still reading at this point – remind me about this around April/May time when my summer clothes have been taken out of the attic and I’ll try to get some pics.)
  10. Stop being afraid of the camera and take more photos of myself in the clothes I sew.  No-one reading this (except my mum and Mr RTS) will know that the few photos of myself that I have posted on this blog are probably the first photos I have allowed to be taken of me for about 16 years (since my wedding photos).  The camera is not kind to me (as has been confirmed by people I care about) but I’m now getting old enough not to care 🙂

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing in 2012

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6 Responses to New Year Re-sew-lutions

  1. Cathe says:

    Okay, you have me as a follower and I expect return on my investment (ha ha) so no slacking and picture are required. I’m 51 and I have to tell you, it’s hard but it’s also alot of fun. With friends and people who love to sew it makes it all a little sweeter. I love your resolutions, they are awesome and I applaud you. So keep on keep on keeping on! I can’t wait to see your first post of 2012!

  2. Cathe says:

    Sorry my “happy fingers” got carried away, just keep on, keeping on!

  3. judy says:

    I so agree with my sweet friend Cathe [the above reply]..I too, have a horror of taking or posting
    pictures of myself..I never allowed pictures of me, because I hate them…Then I started on Sew weekly and Had FInding sewers that have the same interest ,is so nice. I am 57[an old grandma]..
    Enjoying your blog.. Love your new years resolutions..Happy sewing.

  4. SewingElle says:

    I love it: re-sew-lutions! Yours are excellent ones too! Good luck and enjoy your year. And photos? Yes, I know what you mean, but most of the online sewing community are not professional models or photographers. We’re in this boat with you.

  5. Amanda says:

    These are some very exciting resolutions. Best of luck with your Burda challenge. I look forward to seeing the results 😀

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