Comfy Clothes Plans

(Thanks for your good wishes about Mr RTS’s job interview – he’s gone back today for a second round.  I’m writing this while he’s out, so won’t know anything until later today.)

After my last post I had a sort through my patterns and previous sewing plans and now have some tentative sewing plans for the first part of this year.  Continuing with my idea of tracksuit clothes, these are all either sewn in jersey or are a style that I’m fairly sure I will find comfy.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, some of the plans may be familiar because they are unsewn projects from last year.  Others are new either because I’ve bought new fabric, or I’ve change my mind about the use of a fabric.

I like to get some plans posted because it means I don’t get completely overwhelmed by my stash – I can forget everything except my current project, or two.

This first top has been gradually moving to the top of my sewing pile and I think this will be one of the first things I sew.  The pattern is Burda 03-2010-128.

I keep putting this next project off because I am a little short of fabric (bought the end of the bolt), but want to try to match the plaid, at least on the skirt portion.  I think I need to just bite the bullet and get on with it.

This tunic keeps dropping down my sewing pile, I think because I can’t decide which size to make having only made one MyImage pattern in the past. I’m also not sure what I would wear with it as I don’t own any leggings (and I’m not sure I want to, having worn them far too much the first time around!).

I love twist-front tops and own a couple of RTW ones that I’ve worn a lot.  I have yet, however, to find a pattern for this style that works for me.  This one seems to have a lot of positive reviews on PR so I need to give it a go.

I originally bought the following fabric for a skirt, but it is sooooo soft that I think it might be better suited to a top. I’d like to make the cowl-neck version of this top, but I’m a little short on fabric.  I am, however, also a little short so I may be able to shorten the top but still keep it looking tunic length.

Three fabrics for potential Tiramisu dresses.  I bought the red/white stripe because of the stretch/weight and it was just a happy coincidence that it’s the same colourway as the pattern envelope.

(I also have other potential fabrics for the Tiramisu, but haven’t decided which to use yet.)

The next dress is a woven, but it fits my comfy criteria.

I need to do a trace-off pattern of a RTW skirt for the following fabric.  This will probably be one of my quickest projects so I’m putting this near the top of my sewing pile.

Although the next fabric is in wintery colours, it’s also quite thin and lightweight so I’m thinking it might be nice for spring.

The following four are all summer dresses so it’ll probably be a while before I make them.  The first one doesn’t look like much in the magazine, but I love CherryPix’s versions. In fact, I hadn’t really taken much notice of this pattern in the magazine until I saw her three fabulous makes.

The next one was inspired by Sew Skate Read’s gorgeous black and white version. I don’t know if it shows in the photo, but the fabric is pleated with teeny-weeny pleats.

The last two are just dresses I like, and fabrics I already had.

Next, PJs and nighties.  I originally bought enough of the first fabric to make a nightie, then when I got it home I realised it would make a perfect top to go with my beige/cream PJ pants, so I went back and got another length so I can make both :).  These two projects have jumped to the top of my sewing pile as I don’t have any long sleeved nighties or PJ tops and I always wish I did during January and February.

The next set I posted about before, but I want to mention them again so I don’t forget. (First fabric for top, second for pants.)

The next is a chocolate brown jersey for another top to go with my beige/cream PJ pants.

And yet another nightie.

(Although I have approximately a bazillion (!) patterns, Simplicity 3696 seems to sneak its way into a lot of my sewing plans.)

Last in my current plans is a faux dress the same as the black and white polka dots I made last year.  I only bought 1.5m of this fabric, but I managed to squeeze the last version out of a similar length, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m tired just writing about these, but I’m going to pick out one or two projects and forget about the rest knowing I can come back and look at this post when I next need some inspiration. At least sewing jersey is a lot quicker than wovens – no zips, rarely any linings, easier pressing, etc.  I may even start sewing some of these straight on my overlocker.  I tend to sew a stretch seam on my sewing machine, then finish the seams on the overlocker because that gives me more control, but perhaps I should just steam in with the overlocker, especially with TNT patterns.

I suppose that as it is a new year I should at post at least one stash update (especially as I am going to try to sew as much as I can from my stash this year).

At the beginning of 2012 I had 250.50m.  During 2012 I sewed approximately 74.15m, and ended the year with 390.90m which means I must have bought at least 215m! (These figures exclude linings, and second hand quilts bought for muslins.)

On a positive note, I bought very little clothing last year: 2 or 3 second-hand skirts, 2 second-hand tops, 2 new sweaters, and a new black coat that I really needed to fill a gap in my wardrobe. These cost me a total of less than £100. I also bought two pairs of shoes (new) and two bags – one second-hand and one in a sale. Again, these cost less than a total of £100. I’m hoping to continue the trend of not buying much new this year – although I currently have two gaps in my wardrobe – black, low-heeled, knee-high boots, and a cream sweater.

I’m not going to pretend that I won’t buy any fabric this year because I’d just be lying, but I am going to attempt to end the year with less fabric.  I’m going to give myself a tentative target of owning less than 300m by the end of 2013.

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11 Responses to Comfy Clothes Plans

  1. I LOVE how you have your projects all mapped out with patterns matched to fabrics! I need to do that! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I think i should do an ‘i’ll have what shes having’ sewalong- all your plans are just what I need in my wardrobe too- love that Cynthia Rowley- I need to fix mine and put it back in the rotation…

  3. mrsmole says:

    Holey Moley, Girl…you should work in a fabric store since you can co-ordinate patterns with fabric choices so well…no scratch that…you would spend your entire paycheck before you left the premises. Love your choices of outfits to be sewn…you could be busy until Easter…Good Luck and happy sewing!

  4. What fun choices. I love the fabrics and the patterns.. Happy sewing and I look forward to seeing what makes it first on the list?
    I too, am going to ‘Try’ to sew from my stash, I know I will buy more fabric, but am trying to dent it.ha.

  5. CherryPix says:

    Love the print you’ve chosen for the Burda Cowl dress…it will look stunning. I keep looking at V8413 too…but then put it back for exactly the same reason! I second Mrs Mole’s comment re pattern/fabric matching….great choices!

    • The paisley print jersey is probably one of my oldest fabrics. I’ve been waiting for the right project because (1) it is a little lightweight so wouldn’t suit anything too clingy, and (2) I didn’t want to break the print up too much. As soon as I saw your dresses I knew it was the project I’ve been waiting for :).

  6. T. Sedai says:

    Firstly – good luck and best wishes for your husband as he goes through the interview process!

    Secondly – thanks for the shout out! I haven’t had much occasion to wear that dress (yet… I am hoping to have some opportunities to wear it come spring after it warms up a bit), but it is still one of my favorite creations from last year. Oh, and it is totally going to fit in with your theme of comfy!

    Thirdly – seems like 2013 is going to be the year of “practical” sewing for a lot of people – me included! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and I love a lot of the fabric/pattern combos you have listed here. Best of luck and good wishes for the new year!

  7. amaryllislog says:

    I hope the second interview goes really well, such a good sign! Love your comfy clothes all so inspiring and exactly what I want too!

  8. Every Stitch says:

    With you about leggings. I recall my grandmother telling my mother that if she remembered a trend the first time round, she was too old for it the second time. I’m not sure that I’d be that emphatic, but I certainly approach it with caution.
    Congratulations on sewing an impressive 74 metres of fabric (we’ll gloss over your closing balance – we understand)

  9. lakaribane says:

    The fabric pr0n on this post is just overwhelming. And I have several of those knit dress patterns too! I make looong To Be Sewn lists myself and don’t even make 10% of them. Omerta on the fabric economics but I am tempted to fast this year, it is that bad! Good luck to both of you!

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