Simplicity 2888

I’ve seen lots of bloggers sew cherry prints. Every time I’ve been to my local fabric shop I see lovely fabrics with a cherry print.  The only reason I haven’t bought the lovely cherries fabric is that it is a cherry print on a white fabric.  I live in the UK – we really don’t have much of a summer – and I would very, very rarely want to wear a white cherry print dress.  However a couple of weeks ago, whilst browsing in my local fabric shop, I spotted a cherry print on black fabric (apparently Mr RTS had noticed this fabric on more than one occasion but he didn’t think to point it out because I rarely buy dark print cotton – I’m not sure whether I should be annoyed that he didn’t point out the cherry print – or impressed that he knows I rarely buy dark print cotton – I’m going with the latter :)).

Anyway, I have a TNT dress pattern for a cotton print so I bought enough fabric and made a dress – the time between purchase of fabric and wearing the dress was six days. I really need more TNT patterns!

Simplicity 2888 in a cherry on black print:

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this pattern before, because my previous makes were pre-blog.  I’ve made it three times before for myself (one slightly too small muslin, one slightly too big muslin that I wear anyway, and one version I wear any time the weather is warm enough).  I’ve also made one for my Mum, that I hope she wears sometimes.

I did get some photos of me wearing this dress, out in the world.  Our city’s theatre had an open day this past weekend and I wore this dress.

Me and Mr RTS with a Tardis:

and with a Dalek (and yes, he did ask “What was I touching? when he saw the photo :):

With a prop harp:

In a fairytale coach:

My Mum (right) and Mother-in-Law (left) know the correct way to touch a dalek 🙂

The dress is supposed to have a self-coloured belt, but I have cut the piped belt from Simplicity 2174 and it’s just waiting to be sewn.  I cut the dress out last Tuesday, thinking I would get around to sewing it during the week, but ended up sewing it on Friday evening.  The belt had to wait… and is still waiting.





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11 Responses to Simplicity 2888

  1. I love, love ,love your new cherry dress.. So pretty and looks so pretty on you.
    I am proud you have the dark background cherry fabric.>Just perfect. Happy sewing.
    ps I love tnt patterns too.. fun to have a quick sew dress that fits..

  2. dressesandme says:

    That’s a really pretty dress! I’m feeling inspired to sew a cherry print now!

  3. T. Sedai says:

    Oooh, I love this dress! Super cute and flattering. The print is just perfect.

  4. SewingElle says:

    gorgeous dress. And great fit! TNT is the way to go!

  5. Amanda says:

    This is gorgeous! I love the print, the lines of the dress and the fit! And two bonus points for the Tardis! 😀

  6. liza jane says:

    I’m not usually a fan of the cherry print, but I love this one on the black background! It’s a lovely dress. The fit looks great.

  7. Janice says:

    I don’t usually like cherry print, but I like the black version. Super cute!

  8. beverly says:

    Just found your blog; you’ve made some very pretty things. Love the cherry dress!

  9. So mad at me.. I bid on this pattern on ebay..Went grocery shopping and lost Maybe I’ll find it again.. Yours has inspired me.thanks.

  10. Hahaha this is awesome -also, love the dress. I thought at first it was stars then realised it was cherries.

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