UK – Half Price Butterick Patterns

I own very few Butterick patterns because I’ve rarely, if ever, come across them on sale in the UK before.  I got an email today from Sew Direct and they are currently offering all their Butterick patterns at the price they usually offer to their members – which is half normal price.  Most of the patterns are now £3.62 and the See and Sew patterns are £1.50.  Postage is free.

My pattern stash has now been increased by just a few* patterns.

(*this, of course, depends on your understanding of the word “few” :))

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5 Responses to UK – Half Price Butterick Patterns

  1. Oh no! Last thing I need is more patterns 😦

  2. T. Sedai says:

    Awesome. The US McCall’s/Butterick/Vogue website was having a clearance on Out Of Print patterns last week – my stash increased by just a *few* as well. Of course, these *few* being OOP means that I couldn’t really get them anywhere else and so the expense was totally justifiable. Or something like that. Can’t wait to see what you got!

  3. Mum says:

    what do you mean by ‘a few’? Will the mortgage get paid this month?

  4. judy says:

    So happy for you girls.. Enjoy your new patterns… and YES…you HAVE TO get them when on sale. This is a HAVE TO thing. hahahaha [Can’t I find good excuses to buy more patterns? lol
    Can’t wait to see what you make..

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