Simple Simplicity Projects

I haven’t made anything particularly inspiring since my last post, but I have sewn three simple garments so I’m posting so that I can keep track.

I wanted some new PJ pants (and mentioned two new fabrics I’d bought for this purpose in my last post).  I’ve since sewn two pairs, using one of the new fabrics, and this one:

This was a fabric I bought for muslins.  I know it seems silly to make a muslin of PJs, but I’ve had experience of previous PJ patterns coming out absolutely huge on me so I used a 99p charity shop quilt cover for my first pair.  I’m glad I did, because I cut a large (based on my measurements and previous experience sewing the nightdress from the same pattern) and they were enormous!  Fortunately, just taking in the side seams was enough to correct them so I have a wearable muslin.  Years and years ago I bought a long sleeved lilac t-shirt that, although it never got worn, I couldn’t bring myself to purge from my wardrobe and it goes perfectly with the lilac flowers in these PJ pants:

The main reason I think I never wore this top as outerwear was because it looked too much like nightwear – so now it is!

The second pair was made from one of the intended fabrics.

The pattern for these PJs was Simplicity 3696 which is the same pattern I use for my TNT nightie and one of my TNT t-shirts (the turquoise polka-dot in the linked post). I have an old cream t-shirt I can wear with this pair, but I’ve also got a swatch of the fabric in my purse so I will be looking for a nicer top, or fabric to make a top, to go with these.

The third item was made from a large remnant I had left over from a previous project.  After making my faux dress I posted about last time, I thought I’d try making a skirt to go with a blouse that I made last year, hoping it might be another faux dress.

Simplicity 2645 – a six-panel, fully lined skirt with no waistband – very simple:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work as a dress as it looks too obviously like a top and matching skirt, rather than a belted dress:

I also should have tried the top on first, because I’d completely forgotten that it is a teeny bit too tight across the bust and I find myself constantly pulling it down because it forms a ridge across the front every time I move my arms. The top is Burda 06-2011-101 but I can’t count it towards my challenge because I made it last year.  The fabric is a very lightweight cotton.  I’m very happy with the skirt but it’s a bit of an orphan, although I may have a turquoise t-shirt tucked away somewhere that will go with it.

That’s it – nothing really exciting.

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5 Responses to Simple Simplicity Projects

  1. Love your new pj’s.. I made one pair for the pj sew along.. I need to do some more. They are so easy and fun..
    I love your tshirt.. Just worked perfect with your new pj’s. Skirt and top is cute too..
    sometimes ,the easy sewing is just as fun.. I have been doing some quick easy sewing too.Fun.
    Happy sewing.

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh- the wearable muslin makes me think of Cath Kidston! Loves it 😀

  3. T. Sedai says:

    Love your PJs! And I like the skirt too – the shape is great. Even if these items don’t count towards your challenge, I think they will get a lot of use, which is the most important thing.

  4. Mum says:

    Like the PJs a lot. Think I need some new ones for the van (well for me really, as the van doesn’t like wearing PJs very much). I must remember to try them next time I’m over.
    Love Mum

  5. Cathe says:

    I’m inspired by your PJs, looks like a very relaxing project and useful! Your skirt is very pretty, love the fabric too!

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