Burda Challenge – April and May Update

My sewing mojo ran off with my blogging mojo about a month ago so I haven’t much felt like sewing or writing.

I’ve only sewing two garments for my challenge – both from May issues.

First is the easy top from this year’s May issue – 05-2012-110.  This really was very easy to sew. I did cut it out on the bias, although I’m uncertain that this was completely necessary using jersey, and the small cowl does hang very nicely.  I sometimes find with cowl-necks that I am constantly fiddling to get them to sit properly, but not with this top.  I’ve got another one cut out, waiting to be sewn, that I’ve cut on the straight grain (again in jersey) so I’ll find out if cutting on the bias was really necessary sometime soon.

I traced and cut a size 40 but it ran quite large on me.  I ended up reducing the shoulder seams by 1.5cm, and moving the bottom of the armhole up by about 2.5cm. Before I did these two alterations I was flashing my bra at the side every time I moved.  I also removed 7cm from the length, and it is possibly still a little too long.  I will probably wear it belted most of the time, but I think it will look nice unbelted with, say, skinny jeans.

Unbelted and hanger shots.

The skirt I’m wearing it with is one I bought last year from a charity shop for the huge sum of £4.50. It’s lovely and floaty and I think made from cotton lawn so, although it’s a dark colour, it was really light to wear in the warm weather we had a week or so ago.  It’s been an orphan in my wardrobe ever since I bought it as I couldn’t find the right top so I was pleased that this new top was perfect to go with it.

The second item is the muslin for 05-2008-104.  The red velvet (it’s a cheapy stretch fabric I use for a lot of jersey muslins) is a much truer red in real life but my camera tends to make a lot of reds look very orange.

I was hoping this would be a wearable muslin but there are a couple of fit problems with it that mean I wouldn’t wear it as it is (and don’t like it enough, in this fabric, to attempt alterations).  It’s too low at the centre front, and a little too long from shoulder to CF so it gapes slightly.  There is also a fair bit of puddling at the centre back which I think I’ve managed to show in the photo.  These are simple enough alterations to make on the pattern itself though, so I will be making another version. I also added a sleeve that I cut from dress 116 from the same issue, although I had to remove a little from the sleeve head because it was difficult to ease in, even though I was using a stretch fabric.

One or two readers may recall that I was going to use my gorgeous black and white lace print jersey for the final version of this dress:

but now I don’t think it’s right.  I want this jersey to made into something that I will get a lot of wear from and, although I like the Burda dress, I know I won’t wear that style very often.  I was just going to keep the muslin in the hope that I would stumble upon the right fabric at some point in the future when last night I realised that I had already seen the right fabric.  I went fabric shopping yesterday looking for jersey to make more of the simple cowl-neck tops and I saw one print that I really liked, but the pattern was too large and abstract for the top so I walked away.  Late last night I was looking at my dress muslin on Dolly when it occurred to me that the fabric I’d left at the shop might just be the one I wanted so I went back today and bought it.

The fabric isn’t folded, or gathered in any way, it is laid out flat.  It’s a really unusual and random print, both in design and colour.  I now just need to make the simple tweaks to the pattern and start making it – hopefully very soon.  I still don’t think I’ll wear the dress very often, but I think I may look for excuses to wear it because it’ll be so unusual – I hope.

I did buy some other fabrics both yesterday and today, but I’ll save most of them for a separate post.  I will include two here – both of which were bought for the cowl-neck top.

First is a black and white polka dot.

I have already cut the top out and it’s just waiting to be sewn.  This is the fabric where I cut the top on the straight grain because I realised that with careful cutting I could also squeeze a simple, elastic-waist, A-line skirt out of the 1.5m I’d bought. This will, hopefully, mean I’ll end up with a faux dress if I wear the two garments together, belted (or unbelted they may look like a dropped waist dress).  I’m looking forward to trying them on.

The second fabric I bought today.  I forced myself to only buy the minimum amount I needed for the bias cut top because I keep buying more than a pattern calls for, then getting home and wondering if I should use the fabric for a dress, or for more than one garment, or …… etc, etc.

I have sewn one other garment since I last posted, but I think I’ll save that for later and keep this post as Burda only.

I do have some June plans for my Burda challenge but I don’t want to scare my blogging mojo away again, so I’m going to stop now and save other stuff for new posts – which hopefully won’t take me six weeks to get to this time.

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12 Responses to Burda Challenge – April and May Update

  1. Lakaribane says:

    I love the concept of your challenge. It’s just such a great idea…I may have to steal it, LOL! Love the recent purchases. And mojo does wax and wan but you have to hang in there. Good luck!

  2. CherryPix says:

    Lovely to see you and your mojo’s again! As well as Burda makes…It’s a great challenge idea!

  3. T. Sedai says:

    I LOVE your new top. There are a lot of things I want to make from the May issue… But now this top has moved up the list! I also usually make a size 40 – so thanks for the heads up about your size alterations. Also, I like the way your red dress muslin is looking so far – I can see how the top is a bit low and some of the other changes you mentioned, but I bet that dress is going to be really nice when you have finished with it.

    • I know you are finding it difficult to find time to sew for yourself at the moment, but the top is really quick and easy because it’s only two pieces. Perhaps you could squeeze one in, between costumes.

  4. LOVELY work! That gorgeous black and white lacy jersey reminds me of the fabric I used for a fun dress for my daughter-in-law (http://pillowsalamode.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/fairy-godmother/) but it had metallic thread woven in that kept breaking my sewing machine thread so I ended up stitching quite a bit of the dress by hand. 😦 Hopefully yours in kinder to you. 🙂

    • Your daughter-in-law’s dress is very cute. I think I would give up on a fabric that my machine didn’t like because I hate hand sewing. I will occasionally hand-sew an invisible hem – but I try to avoid even that as much as possible.

  5. I really love this blouse.Looks great on you.. Proud you’ve got the sewing /bloging mojo back.. Some times, I think , we all have to step back and take a break..[Or rather I have to]..Enjoyed seeing your plans..

  6. amaryllislog says:

    I love all that you have shown here. I’m completely in love and fascinated with the silky material with the interesting pattern. It’s really beautiful, can’t wait to see what becomes of it.

    Glad you have your mojo back. I’m still digging around trying to find mine…

  7. Yiny Yang says:

    where did you buy the flowered lace print fabric?. It’s pretty

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