Burda Challenge – April and May plans

I know it’s nearly the end of April, but I have some projects from April issues of Burda that I haven’t managed to sew yet, plus I’ve sorted out what I want to make for May, so I thought I’d do a plans post to get my mojo going.

April – I need to sew from three issues.

2009 – 04-2009-101.

The fabric for this is a remnant from a coat I made a few years ago.

2011 – 04-2011-133.

Fabric – a crinkle georgette.  I haven’t sewn with georgette before so I’m looking forward to using something new.

If this works, I’ll have to make some sort of underdress but I haven’t planned that yet – I’ll see how this overdress comes out first.

2012 – I have a muslin cut out for 04-2012-131 – shorts for Mr RTS. I have bought some navy cotton twill for these as he wants them for work, and has to wear navy.

May – I need to sew from four issues, but I’ve added one extra because I really want to make the first dress.

2008 – I’ve already sewn dress 121 from this issue, but I really want to make 05-2008-104.  It’s been on my maybe list for ages, but never became a definite because it’s sleeveless.  However, a few weeks back I saw a version on a blog (my apologies that I can’t credit whoever it was because I failed to bookmark the post) that had cap sleeves added.  This was such a simple, obvious (but not to me) solution that this has now become a must sew.

Fabric – the lace print jersey I blogged about a little while ago.

I will have to muslin this before I cut my lovely lace print.

2009 – 05-2009-114.

The fabric for this has been aging in my stash for a while. I bought it for a simple, unlined jacket, but have changed my mind and like the idea of it for this dress.  This is another one I think I should muslin first.

I also think I’ll need to line the skirt of this dress and I can’t decide whether to use stretch lining (the skirt is cut on the bias) or just bias cut some white polycotton I already have in my stash.

2010 – 05-2010-105.

Fabric – a slightly too thin jersey. I had this is my stash for ages waiting for the right project. It needed to be something very simple to preserve the pattern in the fabric and I’ve seen so many good reviews of this dress on PatternReview that I think this might be the one.  I will muslin first though, as this could just look like a sack tied in the middle on me.

The fabric for the muslin is a stretch velvet.  I quite often use this as muslin fabric for jersey dresses because, if I’m lucky, the muslin ends up wearable as well (and washes like a dream) – it’s also under £3.00 per metre.

This dress will also need the skirt part lined so I need to buy some stretch lining.

2011 – 05-2011-03.

The fabric for this is one that means it’ll be more of a wearable muslin than a wardrobe favourite. It was a sari that I picked up in a charity shop a couple of years ago.  I’ve already used part of it for a top that didn’t work.

2012 – 05-2012-110.

I couldn’t find a line drawing for this one.

The fabric for this is a poly jersey I picked up a few weeks ago.

The last item I have in my current plans is from a September issue. I know that doesn’t quite fit my challenge, but it’s a blouse that I’d like to have for the summer (and may even make more than one if the first one works out).  I hadn’t noticed this in the magazine, but Karen made a lovely version that she blogged about here which brought it to my attention.

The fabric for this is from a second-hand quilt cover. I’ve already made a dress from the same fabric and it’s really nice to sew with.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that all of these are very simple.  As I have had a few sewing mishaps in the past couple of months I just wanted to keep it simple for a little while.  There are some other, lovely things in some of the issues that I would like to make, but I don’t feel like tracing off eight or ten patterns pieces for one garment right now.  Most of these only have three or four pieces and that’s what I’m in the mood for.

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11 Responses to Burda Challenge – April and May plans

  1. Lakaribane says:

    I took really reading this post, instead of skipping to the photos/images for me to understand the sheer genius of your challenge. The concept is wonderful! Love your picks and would steal several of your fabrics if I had a chance. Good luck!

  2. T. Sedai says:

    Wow! I love all of your fabric picks and all of your pattern picks. The combo of the 05-2008-104 dress patterns and the lace-print fabric is going to look fabulous I think. I totally hear you on wanting to sew fast and easy things – I am going to be doing so much sewing for other people in the next few months that I am sure I will want to whip up a bunch of easy things for me once I am done. But even if they are simple, all of these looks like they could be really amazing projects. I can’t wait to see the results!

  3. SewingElle says:

    Great selection. I’ve made quite a few of those easy styles myself too, and there’s nothing wrong with less than eight pattern pieces!

  4. Well, I like just about everything you’ve made and posted about on your blog, so this gives me confidence 🙂

  5. CherryPix says:

    This is a great ‘stimulus’ post! I’m now revisiting a lot of your picks, with fresh eyes. Thanks!
    Ps I think some of the simpler pieces look best! Eg the September sleeveless blouse

  6. You have some fantastic plans here. And some beautiful fabrics.I look forward to seeing what you make, Happy sewing.

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