Burda Challenge Update – 02-2008-119 (plus a nightie because I needed something to cheer me up)

That’s not a mistake in the header – this is a Burda Challenge project that has been waiting since February.  The Burda photo and line drawing are in this post.  I finally got to sewing it yesterday, but it wasn’t a success.   I think I’ve been putting off sewing it because I mucked up the cutting out.  I knew that I was limited in fabric (a weird shaped remnant from a previous project) so I fully intended to cut out the front on a fold, then the rather large neck piece which had to be cut on the bias, and then I knew I’d probably have to add a centre back seam to fit the back piece onto the remainder of the fabric.  I then promptly cut the back out first, on a fold, which didn’t leave me enough fabric for the rest – sigh!  I suppose I could have added a centre front seam but that would have just been weird. so based on a couple of the reviews at PatternReview I cut the neck piece at half width and hoped that it would work.   It doesn’t look too bad on Dolly (although it isn’t finished – I didn’t bind the armholes or hem it).

It’s actually quite a nice top, but I think it needed to be a size larger for me.  The neckline pulls at the back, which in turn pulls the “scarf” piece in a weird way so that it just stands up straight and looks strange.  It’s also too boxy at the back which could have been easily solved if I’d cut it out the way I intended – sigh again!  I can see a fairly easy way to alter it but as I don’t really like high necklines or sleeveless tops I’m not going to bother because the chances of me wanting to wear it are slim to none.  If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that I’m using my Burda Challenge as an attempt to get me out of my clothing comfort zone.  However, I’m not really comfortable in high necks, and I will only wear sleeveless on the hottest of summer days (like we have loads of those in the UK!). The fabric I used for this is a polyester crepe-de-chine and as soon as I tried it on, knowing it would be a summer top, it just felt “sticky”.  I have another blouse made from the same fabric that I love, but that one isn’t a summer blouse so the “stickiness” factor hasn’t come up.

If I liked high-necked, sleeveless tops and it was a size bigger and in a different fabric it could have been winner!  I am, however, classing it as a sewn garment from the 02-2008 issue for my challenge.

I haven’t yet thrown it away because a couple of years ago I dropped a dress size without even noticing (until my clothes all started to get too big) so it’s gone into my “made muslins” box, just in case (I suppose, technically, it’s a UFO but I don’t have those so I’m calling it a muslin :)).

I didn’t use the Burda instructions for this top because I found photo tutorial here which was immensely helpful.

As I’ve had too many unsuccessful projects in the past couple of months (which is mainly OK because I have a wardrobe full of clothes I like thanks to previous sewing and my mum’s cast-offs  – thanks again, Mum), I’m also trying to sew the occasional TNT to cheer me up.  They aren’t exciting, but they are easy – so on that note, here’s a nightie.

This makes me smile because I kept humming “Oranges and lemons, say the bells of St Clements ….” the whole time I was sewing it.  This is another Simplicity 3696.  I used the same pattern, in a smaller size, for the turquoise polka-dot top in my previous post.

I also want to add a link that made me happy because this is how the horror dress I made in my previous post should look. I’m not even going to attempt to make that dress look good on me.  Thanks to the Susan Khalje course on Craftsy I still have an intact (although drawn on) Vogue pattern that I can stick on ebay.

I have at least used some of my fabric stash.  I’ve also recently added to my pattern stash because there was a sale.  I know that US readers will not understand but we never, ever get $0.99 sales in the UK.  If I can buy a pattern for less than £5.00 (about $8.00) then that is a great price – my newest pattern haul cost me about £3.50 per pattern – huge bargain!  I won’t list the patterns in this post because I’ve already added them to my Patterns page.

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5 Responses to Burda Challenge Update – 02-2008-119 (plus a nightie because I needed something to cheer me up)

  1. T. Sedai says:

    It is too bad you aren’t super happy with your shirt – the style and fabric look great together! But at least your new nightgown makes you happy – I think it looks so cheerful! I love the fabric, it would be so fun to wear around the house.

    Oh, and yay for getting new patterns – it is always fun to get new patterns, especially on sale!

    • The fabric for the blouse is lovely – I wish it had fit. I will try (although I’ll probably forget) to get a photo of the other blouse that I made from the same fabric.

  2. Chris says:

    eh… oh well – just put it away for a while. That’s why I’ve been working on boring TNT’s lately. Less oddball problems and I end up with something I actually wear.

    PS your nightie is really cute…!

    • TNTs are handy. On the rare occasion I’m in the mood to cut out lots and lots I always cut a couple of TNTs so that if I have a few projects go wrong I have something to give me back my sewing mojo.

  3. amaryllislog says:

    I love your shirt but I understand how sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Good save, pajamas! Very cute and practical.

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