Cherry Puppytooth – New Look 6067

The title of this post is the name of the fabric that my local fabric shop used.  It’s still my favourite fabric name ever.

I know this blog can be a bit boring – I bought this, I made that – but that was the main reason I started it, to keep a record for myself.  It’s lovely having readers, but I need to remember the reason for its existence, which is all about meeeeeee :).  I will say that I enjoy reading other people’s “I bought that, I made this” blogs.

So on that note, here’s another “I made this” post.

New Look NL6067.

The neckline isn’t mis-aligned, it just looks that way in the photo, honest.

(Ignore the white spots – they are on my camera lens, not the dress. And there are parts that look really shiny and, although this fabric did pick up a bit of shine when being pressed, it’s definitely not as shiny in real life as the photos make it look.)

On the positive side, I really, really like this dress.  On the negative side, it really, really doesn’t suit me.  It’s the pleats at the waist of the skirt that are the problem.  I mentioned here that pleats at the waist of a skirt is not a good look for me, and this dress has shown me that I really, really mustn’t ignore this fact in the future. I love the pleated bodice and I may do some franken-patterning and make another dress using this bodice, but using a straight skirt with no pleats, or maybe a flared skirt such as the one I used on my green and white Burda dress.  I’ve also considered removing the skirt from this version and replacing it with a plain black skirt, but I’m not sure I want to put in the amount of work that will require – I really, really hate unpicking – and I’d have to buy some suitable fabric.

I have a question I always ask Mr RTS when I show him something new that I’ve made – “If I tried this on in a shop, would you say that I should buy it, or not?”  Sometimes his answer is an absolute “yes”, sometimes it’s a “depends how much” and sometimes it’s a “no”.  This was a “no” and, if I’m honest, it’s probably one of those things that I wouldn’t even bother leaving the changing room to show him.

I might let it age in the wardrobe for a while, but I think the chances are that it’ll end up going to the charity shop.  The nice thing about it is that it’s finished very well on the inside, fully-lined, all serged seams, etc, so I have no worries about giving it away.

Although the finished dress doesn’t work for me, I really enjoyed sewing it.  I used some of the techniques from the Susan Khalji Couture Dress course, mainly for tracing, sewing and altering the muslin, and for marking the pleats on the proper version, which made it feel like a very easy and controlled process.  I often feel as though sewing is a bit too “vague” for me (for want of a better word), and the Couture Dress course has given me back some control.

The belt included piping which is something I haven’t sewn before, mainly because nothing I’ve sewn has called for it, and I found it very easy to sew, especially once I’d pinned it to the correct side of the fabric!

So that’s it for now.  I still have two things left to sew for my Burda Challenge (the sleeveless blouse left over from February, and the pleated skirt (yeah, I know, but it’s already cut out) for March.  Two garments, two days – no problem!?!

I’ve also just worked out how to change the header image on WordPress.  I was getting bored of the default snowy image, especially as it’s been so nice and sunny recently.  As it’s so easy, this may get changed regularly – mainly to remind me to use some of my stash fabrics (the new image is a tiny portion of one of my “too nice to use fabrics”).

Stash update:  I haven’t been updating my stash on here as much as I should, but as of today my fabric notebook tells me I have 280.55m.

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11 Responses to Cherry Puppytooth – New Look 6067

  1. eumoronorio says:

    wow 280.55m? Where do you store all of that! You stash must be mind boggling! So of course that means you should make a stash photo pile or something equally as crazy so we can all be jealous of how much fabric you have! 280.55m! I know what my husband would say if I had that much on hand and I wanted to buy more.

    • I have no idea how to link to my own posts in comments, but if you can find my New Year Re-Sewlutions post you can see some plastic drawers in the photo – I currently have 22 of those drawers that are full of fabric (plus a tiny pile of new fabric that currently lives on the floor of my tiny spare room). It is really too much, and sometimes overwhelming. If you really want to see a big stash of fabric then this is a real stash I think that stash would just have me crying on the floor because I wouldn’t know where to start.

      • eumoronorio says:

        holy jeez-a-ma-cow she has a lot. I now think my stash is severely underwhelming. Maybe I should go shopping? =D

      • judy says:

        Isn’t it amazing, how we sewing ladies ‘LOVE’ our fabric.. It is sooooooooooo easy, to look around and have a hugh stash..
        I have lots and lots of fabric..I have not counted it [ I am scared too,ha]. But, it is so nice to be able to go into the sewing room and just look around and find what you want to sew next.. But of course…….this does NOT stop me from …heading to the local fabric stores every time they have a sale..I can not

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I love this pattern, I see yours and I know I will be hauling it out and petting it. If only I had cherry puppytooth to stroke, that would be very special! I am so impressed with your work on this!

    • You must make it as soon as possible. It’s a great pattern – I think I just have a weird shape because I’ve loved every version of this dress that I’ve seen online. The only version I haven’t liked is mine.

  3. amaryllislog says:

    Okay, I love this dress and I’m heart broken that it didn’t make the cut. It seems like the perfect “go to dress” with the right amount of easy to wear comfort, but I get it, some things don’t work ( heavy sigh).

    Now regarding posts on sewing, please don’t change it up. I’m always excited to see your posts, always. I just want to eat up sewing and that’s why I’m following you so please just go ahead and try and bore me with sewing details, it will never happen.

    Fine to change up your header, why not? Love the new fabric…snow was fine but let’s move up to happier sunny times! Now regarding that dress, I could be the perfect charity recipient you know!

  4. T. Sedai says:

    The dress looks so well made, sad that it doesn’t fit your style. But, I understand about pleats on the skirts… it is not a good look for me either. At least you had fun making it? Too bad you won’t be able to wear that great fabric though.

    Also, I like the new header.

    Also, also, the Diary of a Sewing Fanatic stash makes me feel much less self-conscious of my own fabric stashing tendencies, though 280m is nothing to sneeze at either!

  5. judy says:

    Staci, I love the dress. SO pretty.. I am sorry that it didn’t work for you..
    I love your blog.. You never will bore me with your fabric purchases, patterns,
    sewing and ideas.I love, love it. SO fun.
    Your stash is wonderful.. I think all us sewing girls have this.. Now…what would
    life be ,with out ‘FABRIC’, hahahha.
    Happy sewing and keep sharing..

  6. Tamara says:

    I realise you’ve probably made your decision by now, but I’ve just decided to make this dress and was looking for info in the blogosphere. Do you think you could maybe unpick the skirt lining at the hem and go in and sew the pleats into darts? Then they’ll release lower down and may not make you worry so much about the pouffy at the waist. Because it’s too gorgeous a dress to languish…

    • No decision made yet – it’s still hanging in my wardrobe. I made a skirt with sewn down pleats recently and it did make me think I could perhaps do as you suggested with this dress. I hope yours turns out nice because it really is a lovely pattern.

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