Burda Challenge – March Plans

I know it’s a bit late in the month to be posting plans for my Burda Challenge, but I’ve started cutting some of these out, so wanted to post them just for the record.  I know that I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I may give up on the challenge or change it completely because I have too many clothes and so many things I want to sew, but I found that this made my sewing completely unfocused again and I was simply not sewing anything. So I’ve decided to continue and fit the other projects around the challenge.

First up – I need to finish off the February part of my challenge.  I didn’t manage to get the sleeveless, crepe de chine blouse sewn in February but, as of Tuesday this week, it is cut out, waiting to be sewn (along with six other projects)!

Now to my March plans.  I have all the Burda issues for 2009 to 2012 so that means four issues to sew from.

For 2009 I have chosen 03-2009-105, a long, pleated skirt.

I couldn’t find a gorgeous border print to sew this from, but I did find a really nice viscose.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice in the shop that this has a bit of a stealth “stripe”. The large taupe coloured flower repeats in three straight lines down the length of the fabric.  I’ve cut this skirt out and I think the centre “stripe” should end up fairly well hidden within the pleats.  This is a slightly risky pattern for me because pleats at the waist aren’t often the best choice for me, as I’ll mention again below, but it’s the one garment from this issue that I really wanted to make right now.

For 2010 I’ve picked the over-sized t-shirts from the “Take One, Make Four” section and bought fabric for two of them.

For 03-2010-129 (I won’t be doing the bling around the neckline)

I bought a lovely grey jersey with cream polka dots.

Unfortunately, on cutting this fabric out I discovered that it’s probably a bit too thin. As it is cut out, I will sew it but there’s a good chance it’ll end up being a PJ top, rather than a wearing outside top.  I also managed to somehow trace and cut out the size 42 rather than the size 40 that I’ve been tracing for over a year!  I will sew this version up because it will also act as a muslin for the other version:

For this version I bought a black and cream jersey/knit.  The was a difficult fabric to photograph, but the cream lines are a sort of stockingette that is partly woven flat and partly left raised on the black jersey.

2011 is one of those issues that didn’t inspire me.  I really like this jacket

but if I’m honest, I never wear this type of jacket any more so it would be a waste of time, fabric and wardrobe space.  Instead I thought I’d make the simple skirt from the same outfit.

For this I bought a gorgeous jacquard.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until I was tracing that this skirt has open pleats at the front waist. It wasn’t really clear from the photo or tiny line drawing in the mag that this was a case, so I thought I should muslin it first because, as I said above, pleats at the waist are a risky look for me.  I partially sewed that muslin this morning, and it doesn’t work for me at all! I will, as before, class this as an item sewn from that issue of the magazine.

The jacquard will now have to wait for a different project.  I only bought a metre of it so it will still probably end up being a simple pencil skirt.

Last is 2012.  This was another issue that didn’t really inspire me, although like a lot of other people I really like the Pattern Magic inspired (total copy) twist front dress on the cover.

However, as this was drafted as a “tall” I dismissed it because grading is something I still haven’t learnt how to do, and don’t particularly want to learn.  Then I saw The Selfish Seamstress made a version without having to do too many alterations, so it became a maybe. Then I saw another version at Sew Skate Read, again made by a not-tall person so it became a definite.  I knew, however, that I probably didn’t want to use a check or a stripe for this dress so I took the mag with me when I went fabric shopping and found this:

It’s a really heavy crepe de chine that feels absolutely gorgeous.  I like the idea of using a twisty patterned fabric for a twisty dress.  This is another pattern that I’m going to muslin though, so this fabric could still end up in my stash.

So, those are my March plans.

You may have noticed that for all of these I bought new fabric. I know I have a huge stash, but I either can’t find the right fabric for the challenge, or, as has happened far too often, the fabric I have has become “too nice to use” and I keep waiting for the perfect project(s) for the fabric(s).  What I did for March was pick out the patterns I wanted to sew, and then went fabric shopping with the promise to myself that any fabric I bought for a project must be used for that project (if the muslins worked out for the two items I knew I was going to muslin). I also took the magazines with me, which I don’t usually do, so that if a fabric jumped out at me for a different project I’d know how much to buy, and what notions I’d need.

Of course I also managed to sneak another couple of fabrics into my stash at the same time.

This is a knit that I’ve had my eye on for a while but never knew what I would sew with it so I walked away each time.  Then a few weeks ago I won Vogue 8413 on ebay and I think this could be the perfect fabric for the bias cut, cowl neck version.

I bought the smallish amount that was left on the bolt which should be just enough for this dress, if I don’t worry too much about matching the pattern at the side and back seams.  This’ll probably now have to wait until the autumn.

This also snuck its way onto the counter.

It’s one of those fabrics that I see and think is really cute, but would never wear.  This one, however, is a jersey so I can use it to make my TNT nightdress pattern, Simplicity 3696.

I make the knee-length version, but with the short sleeves and without the ruffle.

This last one is a fairly heavy jersey with minimal stretch.  I’ve no idea what this will become but I bought 2.5m so I have enough for a dress.

I also bought two metres of black stretch moleskin.  I already have two metres of the exact same fabric in my stash, but it had become “too nice to use” so now I can use one of the lengths for something and still have some waiting for the perfect project.

All in all I bought 18.25m of fabric which increases my stash to 273.65m. As I only had just over 250m at the beginning of the year I’m not doing too well on stash busting – oops.






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8 Responses to Burda Challenge – March Plans

  1. eumoronorio says:

    I love that plaid and heavy brown jersey! I can’t wait to see your completed projects! I have that nightdress pattern in my stash but I’ve never made it. I keep looking at it and I think I’m going to dig it out now and make the t-shirt length. Seeing the picture here it suddenly struck me as a perfect TNT wardrobe tee to develop.

  2. T. Sedai says:

    So many pretty fabrics! I am excited that you are continuing your Burda challenge – when other people pick patterns to sew from the magazines I always find new patterns I like. I love that first pleated skirt, and I hope your version of the twist top dress turns out well – your fabric choice is fab. Looks like you are going to be very busy for a while sewing up all the projects you have cut out. Can’t wait to see all your finished projects!

  3. amaryllislog says:

    I love what you have going on here and I will be excited to see how they turn out as a few will be migrating over to my list. Your fabric choice is lovely, especially the swirly red, black and white fabric for the dress…love the dress too. The selfish seamstress did good!

    You hit a note with me, make stuff you really want and will wear. Lesson learned last year doing Sew Weekly, making for the sake of making is a bad idea.

  4. judy says:

    What beautiful fabrics you chose..I love them.. Can’t wait to sew what all you make.. I love the first skirt and fabric. so pretty..
    Happy sewing and I so agree with Cathe… lesson learned..sewing for the sake of making is a bad idea…

  5. Kristy says:

    Even though I’m only doing a reduced version of your challenge, I agree with your comment that it helps you focus on your sewing. I look forward to looking through the Burda magazine now and choosing which one I’ll make, but as with the previous two commenters it’s best to make something you want in your wardrobe otherwise I can see it getting pointless and frustrating.

  6. Sewingelle says:

    Lovely fabrics and great styles. Happy sewing!

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