New Fabric

(I haven’t been doing much sewing recently but I thought I’d update with a few bits and pieces.)

The bit in brackets above was the post I was going to write, and then this post got too long once I’d written about my new fabric so I decided to save other stuff for another time.  I have some things to say about the Craftsy courses, and my Burda challenge, but I’ll write about them in a different post.

I’ve been very naughty and now my stash has increased to more than it was at the beginning of the year – but I do now have some very pretty new fabrics (and most of them were bought with a project in mind).

First up is this lovely turquoise jersey with white polka dots. I bought the same fabric in black with white polka dots last year and I practically live in the skirt that I made from it.

The polka-dots are “painted” on (I don’t know of another way to describe it), but the fabric seems to take being washed and ironed very well from my experience with the black version.  The plan for this is a long-sleeved, cowl-neck t-shirt from My Image magazine.  I can’t work out a way to upload a photo of the pattern or line drawing, but there are a few reviews of it here on PatternReview.

Next is another jersey (although with minimal stretch).  I bought 2m of this because I didn’t know what I wanted it to be, but as soon as I got home I realised that it just has to be another My Image pattern – this time a long tunic (1007).   I really cannot work out a way to upload, or link to, specific My Image patterns, but their website is here and the pattern I am planning is from the Winter 2010/2011 issue.

This seems to have a bit of a stealth horizontal stripe, but the pattern I’ve picked as a lot of seams and interest so I’m going to ignore that and hope I get away with it!

The next is a purple and black check that was described as “cherry puppytooth” by the fabric store which is one of my favourite fabric descriptions ever!

The plan for this is New Look 6067.

I plan to make View A and have bought some black piping for the belt. I haven’t sewn piping before so it’ll be a new sewing experience for me.

The next is a mystery fabric, so far as content is concerned. It’s definitely manmade, but feels really nice, and has a lovely drape.

This doesn’t have a definite plan yet, but I bought it with Simplicity 2152 in mind (View A).

I like the idea of the seams and pockets breaking up the large paisley print, although there is a danger it could just look like a hot mess! I may have to rethink this.

Next is a crepe-de-chine.

This is for Butterick 5602.

I want to make the version shown in the photo (not the line drawings), but with the sleeves, using a plain black contrast for the neckband, sleeve hems and skirt hem. This one will be a shot in the dark for me because I have never, ever been able to buy a sheath dress that suits me but I’m hoping that sewing my own might work. This could be a multi-muslin project.  If the dress doesn’t work out, then this fabric will make a fabulous pair of PJ bottoms :).

The last fabric bought with a project in mind is some black stretch denim.  I won’t bother putting up a photo because black denim just looks like black denim.  I intend to make another high-waisted Burda skirt (01-2009-113) as made here. I’ve even picked the same top-stitching thread so if I have some left over I can unpick and restitch the bad top-stitching on part of the original skirt. I also bought some very stretchy black jersey so that I can, hopefully, line the waist part of the skirt so it doesn’t look like the mess it did on the previous version.

I did buy a few fabrics with no (or very vague) plans in mind.

A crepe-de-chine that was completely irresistable.

I bought 3.5m because it just has to be some sort of full skirted/flared dress, I just don’t have a pattern in mind yet.  There is a danger this will become a “too nice to cut” fabric because it feels so nice and washes perfectly, with virtually no creasing.

The next one will probably become a skirt, or maybe another New Look 6067 (as above). It’s a dark(ish) grey and white suiting with a really nice drape. There was only 1.5m left on the bolt but I couldn’t resist it because it’s so nice in real life, although it looks rubbish in my photo.

The next is a jersey that I already know is going to end up being a “too nice to cut” fabric.  I bought 2.5m because it just has to be a dress and I didn’t want to risk buying too little. I just need the right pattern to show itself. (It’s not in any way a lace – just a lace-look print.)

Last, but not least, is another polka dot jersey.  This is destined to be a top of some description – just don’t know what yet.

So, after all that, I have a stash update – 19.40m in, giving a total stash of 255.4m. I started the year with 250.25m so I’m not feeling too guilty about this fabric splurge.

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7 Responses to New Fabric

  1. Nice haul! I love that blue crepe-de-chine, it’s very Miro. It’d work well for a short mod, dress, as well. Like your Butterick 5602. I can’t wait to see what you do with all these!

  2. T. Sedai says:

    Ooooh, so pretty! Love the cherry puppytooth (hehe), and the lace-print fabric. Though my favorite might be the blue print crepe-de-chine – I keep seeing happy panda faces in the print and it makes me smile. I hope it doesn’t become too good to use, but on the other hand, I totally understand saving it for something special. All in all a great haul – I look forward to seeing these made up eventually!

  3. SewingElle says:

    Wow, you’ve done well. I love the puppytooth, and really all your fabrics.

  4. judy says:

    Wow..what pretty fabric.. Know your excited about all of it.. I cant wait to see what you do with them.
    I really like the butterick 5602 and that fabric. soooooo cute.
    Thankyou for sharing your lovely stash..

  5. prttynpnk says:

    Those are swell! Now are you like me- you buy with a plan, then end up changing completely? Cuz I love your pattern choices for eacgh- especially the puppytooth!

    • I’ve found if I buy with a specific plan, I usually end up making what I originally planned. Saying that, though, I bought the turquoise polka dot to make a simple summer t-shirt then remembered the long-sleeved, cowl neck t-shirt in the My Imagage magazine so I had to go back and buy some more because I only originally bought a metre. Of course, if a muslin doesn’t work out, I end up with yet another fabric with no plans 🙂

      I’m hoping the puppytooth will work out. There was only 1.4m left on the bolt – the exact amount the pattern calls for – but after prewashing it I found a tiny flaw in it that I’ll probably have to cut around so my plans may have to change (or maybe the fabric shop will get more in stock).

  6. The pumpkin and black fabric looks awesome! Got my first MyImage yesterday so I’m interested in seeing how your makes work out. They don’t have much in my size so I’m going to have to grade down a couple of sizes, thought I’d just wait and see how their fit looks on others 😉

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