February Non-Burda Sewing Plans

I posted my February plans for my Burda challenge in the previous post, but I also have a few other garments I’d like to sew this month as well.  I may be setting myself up to fail, especially as this is the shortest month of the year and I haven’t started any of these items yet, but if I write them down I know I’ll have more chance of actually getting on with them.

The first two items are dresses I’ve mentioned in a previous post.  First is Vogue 8764.

I’ve chosen the red/black fabric on the right in this photo for this dress.

The grey/black fabric is for this dress (Burda 11-2008-112).  This is nothing to do with my Burda challenge, I just really like the dress and as I already have a traced pattern and have made a muslin this should be fairly simple.

The final thing I’d like to sew this month is another dress.  McCalls 6277.

I like view B, but with the shorter sleeves of view C.  The fabric for this is a viscose, I think, from my stash.

I will probably have to make a muslin of this dress because I haven’t sewn a McCalls’ pattern before and I’ve no idea of their sizing. I’ve also just realised that this is supposed to be fully lined and I’m not sure I have any suitable lining fabric in my stash.

I was worried when I started this blog that I might end up just sewing skirts because they are so easy both to make and wear but my February plans, both Burda and non-Burda don’t include a single skirt.  Instead I plan to make four dresses, one blouse and maybe a pair of trousers.

Now I’ve typed this, and my previous post, I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew for this month but, as before, I’m hoping that posting about my plans will give me focus.

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1 Response to February Non-Burda Sewing Plans

  1. T. Sedai says:

    Ooooh, pretty fabrics! You are quite ambitious for this month, and I can’t wait to see how your projects turn out.

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