One person can change the world (or a little part of it)

I promise that I won’t do too many non-sewing posts on this blog but I just had to post about a blog, and charity, that I first read about today.  I’ve spent the past five hours reading the posts on that blog, and I’m only up to June 2010.

The blog is here.  In a nutshell, a young woman named Maggie from the US takes a year off before going to college, is moved by the plight of orphans in Nepal, takes her $5000 life savings, buys a piece of land in Nepal, raises some more money and builds an orphanage. Then over the next couple of years she also builds a school.  She built an orphanage and a school!! Oh, and she lives there and takes care of “her” 40 kids.  Did I mention that she’s still in her early 20s and this all started when she was 19.

I’ve been trying to find the perfect post from Maggie’s blog to link to but I honestly just can’t (edited to add this link and this one). The story is so amazing that I just want to link to every single post.  Read, be amazed, and maybe donate a little money if you can.

Whenever I hear someone my age (40somethingish) or older complaining about the “youth of today” I usually think they are idiots – the “youth of today” are often doing things like Maggie is doing.  I am proud of the youth of today.

(I want to make it clear that I have absolutely no ties to Maggie or her charity – I just came across her blog today due a comment on another blog and was so blown away by her story and commitment to the Nepali children that I had to share.)

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  1. judy says:

    I love your plans for Feb.. Look so forward to seeing your dresses. Really pretty patterns.And love your fabric choices..
    If you dont get them all finished…it wont be a failure..It will be ” some left to sew in March.”.ha.
    Happy sewing.

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