Burda Challenge – January update – 01-2012-122

I managed to get these trousers (sort of) sewn just under the wire.  These are the only two photos of these trousers that anyone will ever see (click to embiggen if you really, really want to, but the sewing ain’t pretty):

I have at least discovered that I am definitely not a size 40 in Burda trousers, even though their size 40 skirts fit me great.

Fortunately I had read Melissa’s post about these and although I had sewn a lot further on than perhaps necessary before trying them on, I had at least not sewn the waistband.  The pattern basically has you sew everything, including the waistband, before you sew the back crotch seam so the trousers are impossible to try on for size before then.  I followed the Burda instructions right up until the beginning of the waistband, then sewed the back crotch seam and tried them on.  When they were about three-quarters of the way up my legs I already knew they weren’t going to fit. They were simply too small all over.  I can get them on and do up the zip, but I certainly wouldn’t leave the house!  Mr RTS tried to convince me that they might work, but he is sometimes very mistaken (but I’ve got to love that he thinks I look great in too tight clothing)!

I’m classing these as a finished garment for the challenge because if they’d fit then I would only have needed to sew on the waistband and hemmed – neither of which tasks would have been difficult or particularly time consuming.  And, anyway, it’s my challenge and I can declare what I want!

These were, fitting issues aside, a great learning opportunity.  Learning to install a fly-front zip was one of my New Year Re-Sew-lutions and although I cannot say I have yet learned to install one, I’ve at least made a first attempt and the instructions in the books I own will now make a little more sense. It was easier than I expected, especially considering that I used the Burda instructions (these trousers were the Sewing Course for the January 2012 issue) and no other instructions to install the zip.

I am declaring the January part of my Burda Challenge officially completed.  I wanted to sew from four issues of the magazine this month and I’ve done that.  My January plans were to sew from the four issues I own, and I have:- completed garment links for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 (this post).

Now – onward to February (picture me holding a sword and pointing it in a somewhat forward direction and that’s how I just imagined myself  – perhaps at the prow of a pirate ship :)).

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6 Responses to Burda Challenge – January update – 01-2012-122

  1. T. Sedai says:

    Yes, I find that Burda trousers tend to be a bit tighter (especially around the thigh) than the Vogue patterns I have tried. I have to use a size 44 at the thigh, but a size 42 around the waist/hip area. But then I usually have to bring in the waist at the center back by over an inch and deal with swaybackedness. Well, anyway you slice it pants fitting is tricky business.

    Congrats on finishing your January part of the challenge though! I agree – since your goal is to make something from every issue, then as long as you trace and attempt it should count, even if it doesn’t work out quite the way you want. Can’t wait to see what you whip out in February!

  2. Congratulations with your January Challenge done! I had the same idea in my mind of using each NEW Burda magazine, but 3 weeks out of 4 in January my daughter was sick, and still does, so…
    What do you do with the traced Burda patterns? Throw them away or keep them in a binder?

    • Sorry that your daughter was sick. I don’t have kids but know that sick kids take up a *huge* amount of time.

      I always keep my traced Burda patterns. I buy cheap A4 envelopes and each traced pattern goes in an envelope with the number e.g. 01-2001-101 and the size, plus a little more info such as (these trousers) Too Small. The envelopes currently have a space on a top shelf in my wardrobe right now, but they are expanding beyond that space so I will have a find a new space in my far too small flat.

  3. Cathe says:

    The fact you decided to make trousers, makes you my sewing hero! And the fact that you met your January goal is even better! I say, drink a glass of wine and celebrate!

  4. ElleC says:

    One of my goals this year is to make jeans and/or trousers. I am not looking forward to the fitting issues. You are very brave.

  5. Amanda says:

    Good work on going the pants! I am too scared to try and sew any jeans/pants/shorts because of fitting issues. I’ll be watching for more developments with baited breath!

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