Vogue V1247 – again

A couple of glasses of red wine meant that I didn’t let the cheap polyester satin beat me and I’ve now made another version of the V1247 top and the skirt in the black glittery suiting I posted about a couple of days ago.

(click on any photo to embiggen)

This version of the top came out even more low cut at the neckline than my previous one, so I added a simple modesty panel. When I wrote my post last night I was trying to get the sleeve cuffs to work. They are supposed to be turned out and then simply caught up with a couple of stitches at the two seams – this was never going to work, so I ended up topstitching them all the way around. This is making the sleeves stick out a bit, but I think it was the only solution – well, other than putting on some very muddy boots and jumping up and down on the nearly finished top, before attempting to set it on fire, and then running over it with my car.

I tried to get a decent closeup photo of the skirt, but being black it just shows up as a short black skirt.  I really love it though and I’m sure it’s going to get a lot of wear. The glitteriness of it makes me smile, and it doesn’t shed glitter all over the place like some glittery fabrics tend to do.  I added 13cm to original pattern length, then ended up serging off 5.5cm and doing a 1cm(ish) hem.  This means to get to this length I actually needed to add about 8cm to the original pattern. I’m only 5’3″ and I cannot imagine (well I can, but don’t want to) just how short this would be cut to the original length.

I retraced the pattern in a size 14 and although it’s a much better fit through the hips than the 12, the waistband was still too small. I didn’t want to waste fabric by cutting a whole new one so I simply added an extension cut from scraps instead. I still need to put a buttonhole in the extension and sew a button on the inside of the waistband.  I really like how neat this solution makes the waistband look when it’s done up, so I will do the same if I make another version of this skirt.

(I think the photo above is about the best one I’ve taken to show the pretty glitteriness of the black fabric.)

One happy accident that happened when I was cutting these two out was that I forgot to cut the lining for the skirt (it’s not lined on the pattern, but this fabric is very scratchy so I knew I was going to have to line it).  I was originally going to use this lovely black and gold striped lining but I had already laid out the fabric for the top when I realised I hadn’t cut the lining for the skirt.  After cutting out the top, I had just enough fabric to cut a lining for the skirt from the scraps – I just had to add a centre front seam.  This means that as well as the glitteriness (did I mention I like the glitter?:)), it has a pretty, pretty lining.

The best thing about using this fabric for the lining is that I no longer have any of it left (other than too small to use scraps which will be going in the bin very, very soon) so I will never have to wrestle with it again! One extra good thing is that I rarely buy cheap polyester satin other than for linings because I never know what I would make with it and as pretty as it looks on the bolt, there is a limit to how much satin I could ever wear.  I think I may have one piece in my stash that I bought for part of my Burda Challenge for later in the year but other than that (and for lining) I don’t have any more of it.

(edited because I forgot to do a stash update)

Stash update:  Skirt – 1m.  Top, and lining for skirt – 2m.  Stash reduced by 3m to 242m.

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10 Responses to Vogue V1247 – again

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I totally understand the modesty panel- I had some cleavage issues with this one- no deep bending or reaching!

  2. T. Sedai says:

    Ooooh, pretty! I love the skirt with the fun lining. And the sparkles. For me it is always about the sparkles…

  3. Joyce in NC says:

    Very pretty outfit. The colorful skirt lining is great.

  4. Cathe says:

    I love the way your top and skirt came together. They look great as an outfit. When it starts to warm up a little around here I will made the top, you have convinced me.

    I had weird fitting issues with the waist too.

    • I think the waistband is badly sized. There is no way that I could have eased the waist of the skirt into the waistband so I just didn’t try. I could see that it would be too small, so I added the extension.

      Having seen your finished projects, then I have to say that you must make this top. It’ll look fabulous on you.

  5. StephC says:

    Very pretty skirt! Some of my most “non-descript” ordinary skirts have the prettiest linings and are the most useful garments in my wardrobe…

    I had to laugh about your “liquid courage” and use of the word embiggen. 😉 Love it.

  6. Ann says:

    The whole outfit looks great! I know what you mean about polyester satin- so pretty and shiny, but not so fun to sew. Thanks for the tip about the length on this pattern.

  7. SewingElle says:

    Great outfit. I love ‘special’ lining too.

  8. Love the skirt’s front pockets! It is very Chanel-like – see the new couture collection!

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