Cheap Polyester Satin ……


That’s all I have to say.  I was supposed to have a new skirt and top made today but the aforementioned satin has driven me to drink.  It looks sooooo pretty on the bolt, tempts me, then beats me around the head for five hours and won’t do as it is told!!!


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3 Responses to Cheap Polyester Satin ……

  1. Amanda says:

    It is truly the worst!

  2. Cathe says:

    And you can’t even burn it if it’s poly!

    I figure this type of disaster is payment to the sewing gods. Guaranteed, the next thing you sew will be perfect!

  3. T. Sedai says:

    I had the same disaster with poly shantung. I have since decided to stay far far away from anything smooth, shiny, and polyester.

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