Sewing Pattern Sale – US Sites with International Shipping

Alana at Lazy Stitching posted this today about a couple of pattern sales in the US.

I have just placed an order at each site. Even with the steep international shipping costs, the patterns are still a bargain.  I’ve just bought seven Vogue patterns (I would have liked a couple more, but the shipping costs jump sharply after seven) for a grand total of $52.93 which is well under £40.00.  Here in the UK, unless I’ve been looking in all the wrong places, I’d be lucky to find Vogue patterns for under about £12.00 each.  For some unknown reason they won’t seem to ship the Butterick and McCalls patterns to the UK, but I had no problems buying the Vogue patterns.

At the other site I bought another 15 patterns.  Ten of the Simplicity at $0.99 each (limited to ten per customer), plus a few others from my wish list.  Including the shipping costs these work out at around $5 per pattern which is around £3.30 each.  Again, a bargain price for the UK.

I really, really didn’t need to buy any new patterns, but who can resist such a bargain, especially for such pretty things:

Vogue 2903

Vogue 8465

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1 Response to Sewing Pattern Sale – US Sites with International Shipping

  1. judy says:

    So proud you found a place to order your patterns in USA, without being
    so expensive..yea.
    these are some pretty patterns.

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