Well, That Didn’t Work ….

…. unless I want to look 20lbs heavier than I am

Oh, how happy I look !!

This is my part made muslin for Burda 12-2010-120 that I wanted to make with these fabrics.

The line drawing and magazine photo look great:

I really liked the simple lines when I first saw it in the magazine and it’s been on my maybe list for ages.  So after tracing 24 (!!) pattern pieces, and cutting out the whole coat and lining from my muslin fabric (my old living room curtains) I finally got around to sewing it this far tonight and it is obviously far too big.

I think this project is going to be shelved now.  I could re-trace it one or, probably, two sizes smaller, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort. The fabric I bought for this project won’t show the design lines and I think it’ll end up just being a boring, black, square coat. If I stumble across the perfect fabric, I may rethink, but I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.

It’s somewhat annoying because I traced my usual Burda size. The skirts and the dress I have already blogged about were all traced in a size 40 and are a good fit on me, so I do find it frustrating that a coat was at least two sizes too big when traced in the same size.  At least I bothered with a muslin and didn’t waste my nice fabric.

I’ll now have to trawl through all my magazines again and see if I can find a different coat for this fabric.

At least this means that my original six plans are now all sewn, even if one of them will never be completed.  I can now concentrate on my Burda challenge for next year.

Edited to add:  My review on Pattern Review can be found here.

Also, my husband, who wears a size XL tried this on because it looked so big and it very nearly fit* him across the back and shoulders. It wouldn’t quite meet at the front, but it was close!

(* both “fit” and “fitted” looked wrong here, but “fit” looked slightly less wrong.)

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3 Responses to Well, That Didn’t Work ….

  1. Mum says:

    Ooops! I can see that the shoulders are massive (as always in my case), but I can’t tell if all the rest is as bad. Have you tried it on Dolly to see if it can be rescued? Never mind, there are bound to be a few blips in pattern choices, and at least you haven’t wasted your good fabric. Talk soon

  2. SewingElle says:

    Oh Dear. They were lovely curtains.

    I wonder about Burda recently. Others have commented on the sizing being larger than expected. It could just be the cut or styling.

  3. judy says:

    Oops sorry , your coat turned out so big..It is frustrating,isnt it? Maybe you can fix it later, after A rest from it.ha

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