Carrier Bag Brilliance

This isn’t my brilliance, but that of a poster on craftster about five years ago. This bag is made from this tutorial. This is the present I referred to a couple of days ago.  The person it was made for has received it, so I can now post photos.

It was a present for my mum.  She sews, and knows I sew, so she often passes on bedding she no longer uses/wants for me to use as muslins (she doesn’t make muslins – I do).  The bedding she passed on to me most recently had a really pretty embroidered pattern on both the quilt cover and the pillow cases and I remembered that I have made half a dozen bags in the past from this tutorial.  I knew my mum wouldn’t have bought bedding she didn’t like, so I was fairly confident that she would like a carrier bag made from the pillow cases.

Please ignore the weird white splodge on the left hand side of the photo – it’s just a smudge on the fabric caused by my iron spitting.

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