Burda 12-2008-113 – Twice

I’ve finally taken a couple of photos of the brown jersey top that was part of my original six plans.

I’ve made this a couple of times before.  The first time I made a size 42 because I didn’t realise at the time that this is supposed to be an over-top, rather than just a normal top. I’ve since re-traced it in a size 38 (although I usually wear either a 40 or 42) and it’s a much better fit.  I have really struggled to get decent photos of this top, so I’ve given up and am using not great photos.

This is the Burda line drawing.  I didn’t bother with the belt loops or tie belt because I simply wouldn’t wear it that way.





I really must get a new camera. The top in all these photos is the same one – even though the pictures show it in three different colours! The skirt I am wearing is made from Burda 02-2010-104, details here.  I’m sure that the colours look better in real life – or at least I really, really hope so otherwise I’m walking around wearing clothes that don’t go together!

I finished this one a few days ago.


Today I sewed two things – one of which is a present so I don’t want to post about it yet, and the other is the same top as above, but in red.

In real life, the red is much darker – the flash on my camera is making it appear more orange than it really is.  The front of the neckline got a bit stretched out when I was topstitching it and I’m hoping that once it’s been washed it’ll look bettter.  I thought that this fabric was a lovely lycra jersey that I’ve sewn with before, but when I checked it in my notebook I realised that it isn’t – it’s just a generic jersey and it didn’t behave as nicely as the lycra jersey.




One thing I found really handy to use when sewing these was the open-toe walking foot that came with my machine. I found it useful not for the walking capability (although that is very handy), but as a sewing guide.  For the topstitching at the neckline I was able to use the left “toe” of the foot as a guide for the left edge of the binding:

which I think gives a lovely neat finish:

I then used the right “toe” of the foot as a guide for the hem:

The walking foot is something that I thought I’d hardly ever use and have ended up using all the time.  If it’s one of those things that you’ve been wondering about buying for your own machine then I’d highly recommend it, but only the open-toe one. I had a standard walking foot for my last machine and I hardly ever used that one because it had a closed toe and would only allow me to use a single straight stitch.

I didn’t use the Burda instructions for the neck binding on this top.  I think I may have used their instructions on one of the previous versions I made, but I prefer the look of it when sewn this way.  I sewed the short ends of the neck binding right sides together then folded it in half, lengthways, with the wrong sides together to create a doubled binding. I then sewed this, right sides together to the neckline with a 1cm seam, serged off the excess, turned the serged inside seam up, then topstitched the binding to the seam allowance.

I now really appreciate everyone out there who puts brilliant tutorials on their blogs because re-reading what I have just typed above I’m not even sure it’s in English!!  I just hope it makes some sort of sense.

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  1. SewingElle says:

    What a lovely finish. Must add walking foot to my list of feet to buy

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