Burda 11-2008-112 (5 of 6 plans sewn)

I’ve managed to finish another of my original six plans using the green brushed viscose from this post.  The pattern used was from Burda magazine – 11-2008-112 (there is also a sleeveless version, but I was hoping to make a winter dress).  I was hoping to make a wearable muslin and this is sort of wearable.  It is a little on the snug side and, as I mentioned in the earlier post, this fabric does have a tendency to shred at the seams so I think it might be a bit risky to wear the dress.  Here it is, very blurry, on me:

I will hopefully, soon find a way to take photos of garments on myself.  Unfortunately my flat is very small and the only full length mirror I have is tucked away in the corner of the bedroom with no decent light. If I use the flash I get the common problem of just getting a photo of the reflection of the flash, and if I don’t use a flash, I get blurry photos like this one.

Here are a couple of better photos of the dress on Dolly:









Excuse the bad ironing on the seams. As I’m fairly sure I’m not going to wear this I didn’t bother giving it a final proper ironing when it was finished.  If I do decide to wear it, I need to re-do the hem because I did a simple top-stitched hem that doesn’t look at all good. It’ll also need a slip, or a skirt lining inserted, because the fabric is thinner than I would like and I think it’ll cling to tights.

I will definitely be making another version of this if I can find the right fabric. I think it needs something like a lightweight suiting with a bit of cross-wise stretch. I’ve added the details to my To Buy list and will see what I can find next time I go fabric shopping.  Unfortunately, the fabric I had planned to make it in once I’d made the muslin has no stretch and I don’t want to risk using it on a dress that may be too uncomfortable to wear. I could fiddle around and make the pattern a little larger, but I think it is supposed to be a slim fit so I think I’ll try the different fabric option instead.

This now means I have sewn five of my six original plans that I wrote about when I started this blog a couple of weeks ago.  I haven’t yet posted about the brown jersey top because I haven’t got photos.

The only thing outstanding from those original six is the coat (fabric details here).  I have cut out the muslin, but haven’t got any further. It hasn’t helped that my mum recently gave me a lovely coat (thanks mum :)) that pretty much fills the gap in my outerwear wardrobe that this coat was supposed to fill, so I’ve lost the incentive to get on with it.

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1 Response to Burda 11-2008-112 (5 of 6 plans sewn)

  1. SewingElle says:

    I’ve always admired this pattern, but haven’t got around to making it up. Looks like its a good one! Thanks for your review of it.

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