Sewing Plans – I Don’t Need Sewing Plans!

I got up this morning fully intending to get on with sewing at least one of the garments that I cut out a couple of days ago.  I first decided to get dressed in something I haven’t worn for a while and picked out a brown top with a sequined and beaded neckline that I bought a few years ago, that for some reason I don’t remember wearing for a long time.  Putting it on I discover why I haven’t worn it – because it looks like this:

Here it is on Dolly

It is basically a sack with some beads around the neckline!

Instead of just sticking it back in the wardrobe, I decided to attempt some alterations to see if I could make it wearable.  I first cut the side seams and removed the sleeves:

then used the pieces from a t-shirt pattern I know I like – New Look 6430 (bottom view without the ruching)

I folded the cut up top in half, lengthways, and put the front pattern piece on it as best I could

I was hoping to get away without cutting the shoulder seams, but the original top was just so big all over, I ended up having to cut new seamlines for the shoulders as well as for the sides.  In this photo you’ll see my stupid error.  For some reason I thought “I’m making this from an old top, so I must remove the seam allowance from the centre front.”  Obviously, being a t-shirt pattern there was no centre front seam allowance because it’s cut on the fold so I accidentally removed a few cm more from the front of the top than I should have.  It would have been nice if I’d noticed this before cutting the front and not while I was pinning the back pattern piece to the folded back piece.  I sewed scant 1cm side seams to try to correct for this but the top has still come out a little smaller than I intended.

For the sleeves (no photos) I simply used the sleeve pattern piece, folded in half, to give me a guide for the top of the shoulders, sewed a new sleeve seam about 2cm in from the original sleeve edges, and then set them back in to the newly sewn top.

I now have a top that I think I’ll be happy to wear:

And on Dolly

This took me a couple of hours, but I think it was worth it. I also own this same top in purple and black (I think I bought them as a pack a few years ago).  The black one isn’t as horribly sack-like as the brown – in fact I’m wearing it as I type, with a belt. I can only guess that that fabrics are slightly different and the black one shrank more in the wash. The purple one is another sack with a beaded neckline, so I guess it’ll get the same treatment as the brown at some point.

Now my serger is threaded with brown (well the closest threads I have to brown in my stash) I suppose I should go and get on with sewing the brown jersey top that’s already cut out, and the faux fur scarf.

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1 Response to Sewing Plans – I Don’t Need Sewing Plans!

  1. SewingElle says:

    Good save! I love it when sewing happens rather than strictly sticking to plan.Much more fun.

    About the different in size for your tops: I had an experienced bra salesperson tell me recently that black bras are almost always firmer than the other colours in the same fabric and style. She was right about the black and pink cotton bras I was trying on too. I think it might be because there is a lot more pigment going on the fibres when you are aiming for blac .

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