Lots and Lots of Cutting Out

I didn’t know if I was going to get anything sewing related done today, but I decided this morning that I would at least trace the pattern for the green dress mentioned in this post.  I traced it and then decided to carry on and cut it out.  I then got into a cutting out grove and just carried on.  I now have the following cut out:

Green dress – Burda 11-2008-112

Brown jersey Top – Burda 12-2008-113

Red jersey Top – same as brown

Muslin fabric for the black coat with pink lining mentioned here

Black corduroy to make the same skirt as the purple batik.

I also discovered a cut out, but completely unsewn, bag that I’d completely forgotten about and I also have the faux fur scarf to sew when my machines are threaded for the brown jersey top.  I may not bother with the bag for a while because it’s in summer fabrics so I don’t have much use for it right now.

I guess that starting this blog has helped kickstart my stalled sewing which was my main reason for starting it.

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