First Six Planned Projects – Part 2

This is the garment that I’m probably least likely to get finished, but one that I want the most.  I’m hoping posting about it will give me a big nudge to get on with it.

The fabric is this lovely waffle effect black coating from Fabric Land (UK) 

The polka dot satin fabric to the right of the picture is going to be the lining. Below is a photo that shows the colour a lot better.

The plan for this fabric is Burda 12-2010-120 (the only link I can find is a review on Pattern Review).   I have the pattern traced (a total of more than twenty pieces because I traced separate pattern pieces for the linings and interfacing as I knew this was going to be a long on-going project and I wanted to keep everything as clear as possible.)

I haven’t sewn a coat before, and rarely understand Burda instructions (I tend to stick to simple skirts and tops, and just skip the instructions) so it’s going to be an interesting project.  I’m also not that confident yet about Burda sizing so I have to make a muslin first. Also, because the instructions are so confusing (to me) I’m going to muslin the whole coat, including the lining. I have some old curtains and sheets for the muslin so at least it won’t be costing me anything for the muslin.

This coat will fill a real gap in my wardrobe, so I’d like to get on with it, but I’m finding the whole thing a little daunting.  Perhaps I should be cutting out, rather than writing about it.

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