First Six Planned Projects – Part 1

This is my plan for my first six projects since starting this blog.

This is a lovely dark pink corduroy from Fabric Land (UK). I’ve already sewn one version of Burda 12-2009-122 with a different colour of this exact fabric and now plan to make it with this colour.  There is a lining in the photo that is much more of a salmon pink in real life.  The link to the pattern is to the Pattern Review website, and I confess that, unlike the reviewers of this pattern, I will be leaving out the welt pockets and moving the zip from a center fly front to a simple center back zip. This turns a 2.5 Burda difficulty to about a 1.5.  I don’t mind tackling difficult projects but I have these tights I  bought a while ago which I think will look really nice with the dark pink skirt so I want to get it made as soon as possible.

I was going to write about all six planned projects in one post, but as I’m completely new to blogging and WordPress I’m going to split the plans across more than one post.  This is partly because it’s giving me a headache but mainly because I’m terrified I’ll get a hugely long post written and then lose it somehow!

Julie (who is going to attempt to draft Part 2 now)

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