First Six Planned Projects – Final Part

The next part of the plan is for Burda 02-2010-104 which is a short A-line skirt with pockets. I’ve sewn this a couple of times in the past, but I’ve lost a bit of weight recently so now have to re-trace the pattern and I’m procrastinating on this rather too much. The fabric I have for this is actually a long, A-line skirt that I made quite early on in my sewing history. I made this skirt quite a few times just after I started sewing because it was such an easy pattern (Simplicity 4137 – OOP) and wore the skirts to death, but I’m bored with the shape of them now so I’m reusing the fabrics for other projects.

The fabric I’m using for this is a lovely purple and brown batik.  Because the original skirt has been worn so much, this fabric is lovely and soft now.

The fabric on the right is a tan coloured acetate lining.  I want to wear this as a winter skirt with tights, so it needs to be lined to stop it clinging.  The purple batik looks much nicer in real life – I suppose writing this blog means I’ll need to learn how to use my camera properly!

I also have some black corduroy (same as the dark pink in this post) that I want to use to make the same skirt as above, but this isn’t yet included in my six current plans.  The purple version will be acting as a, hopefully wearable, muslin because I can’t decide which size I need to make.  I have previously made a size 42 which was always a bit big and have now lost some weight so I can’t decide whether to make a size 40 or take a risk and size down to a 38.

To wear with this skirt I will be making Burda 12-2008-113 (sorry, I can’t find a link other than Pattern Review and I’m not sure I should keep linking every post there). This is a long-sleeved top with a pleated front made from jersey.  Once again, I’ve made this a couple of times already so it will be an easy sew – I just need to get on with it.  The fabric I have for this is a brown jersey.







The next item on my list is a very simple tubular scarf made from this lovely faux fur

I wish I could get this look as nice in a photo as it does in real life.  It is so soft and scrummy and only cost me £2.50 for half a metre.  I will sew this when I have my sewing machine and serger threaded to make the brown jersey top.

The sixth and final part of my current sewing plan is Burda 11-2008-112.  Again the only link I can find is on Pattern Review.  This is for a long sleeved dress with a pleated front.  The fabric I have chosen for this is what I believe is a brushed viscose.  When I bought this a few years ago it was listed as “Pashmina” fabric and was cheap as chips (about £2 a metre IIRC).  I’ve sewn a couple of pairs of PJ bottoms from a different colour of this fabric and the seams want to shred on wearing and it pills very quickly. For those reasons I am using this fabric as a, hopefully wearable, muslin.

If the dress works then I’ll hopefully get to wear it a few times before the seams shred and the fabric pills too much.  I do have another fabric picked out for this, but I’ll wait and see if the muslin works before I commit myself to sewing it.  This is the only project of the current six plans that I need to start from scratch – I haven’t even removed the pattern sheets from the middle of the magazine yet.

Well, that’s the sixth part of the plan typed up for anyone to see. I suppose I should now attempt to get on with some sewing so that I’ll have something else to blog about.

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2 Responses to First Six Planned Projects – Final Part

  1. Mum says:

    OK – so stop twittering and get on with it!! (Didn’t find any typos). Good luck MumX X

  2. SewingElle says:

    A good site for BurdaStyle patterns is the archives on the French Burda site

    Your top, Burda 12-2008-113 is here

    ( hope those links worked!)

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